Neo Coolcam Power plug v2

I bought myself a Neo Coolcam power plug to have one more router in the Z-wave network.
My NC pir sensors are not working properly due distance from Homey. I have two pir sensors in the attic.
The new power plug I mounted on the second floor (for Dutch the first floor) means half way the two pirs.
After I connected the power plug to my Homey I brought it to the second floor and even after waiting for hours it did not work. Also on the developer page I couldn’t make a connection. There is only one hard floor in between, not even concrete.
What is the maximum distance for Z-wave?
Have you an idea what to do about this? I’m doing something wrong?

Wireless devices can also be interfered by other wireless signals distorting or even blocking the signal.
Z-wave network heal can take several hours, maybe even days.

Did you try to bring the pirs one floor down and test if they work?
Did you notice the new route using the plug as a hop?

The range of Z-Wave depends on many factors:

  • Material of the walls
  • Angle of entry of the signals on walls
  • Metal or glass weakens the signal
  • interference with other radio sources (microwave, baby monitor, WiFi router, etc.)

The most important thing is a comprehensive and tight mesh. This is not the case with a few repeaters. It is best to install 1-x repeaters per room, then you can also have fun with the Z-Wave.

I added 2 new NC plugs 2 weeks ago, did not go well at first. They were added but didn’t work.
I had to remove them a couple of times before it was OK. Noticed the problem because they didn’t report voltage and such.
Put the plug back next to your Homey and test if everything works OK there.

Nothing on the developers page helped to make the power plug work.
So also not the heal button.

The pirs are working only not well. Often losing commotion with Homey.
On the developers page I get only errors. Therefor I needed the extra router.

I’ve to admit that I’ve several Wi-Fi equipments.
Hopefully that’s not the case…

I’ll try to add it again to Homey. Hopefully that works.

I deleted the plug and added it again. Seems like it goes a bit better.
In developer it still says unreachable.
When I push the button on the plug I get an update in the Homey app.
When I push the button in the Homey app I get a message something went wrong.
To me it looks like the plug has enough radio power to reach Homey but the other way has lag of power.
Therefore I changed the power supply from Homey for a 5 Volt, 2.1 Ampère but also that didn’t help. I know that changing the power supply doesn’t make more radio power, but just in case…
Any other idea?

Did you do these tests with the plug relatively close to Homey? Or plugged in on the second floor?

Plugged in on the second floor.
Just (very) close to Homey it works fine.

What happens when you use them off the first floor?
Please test for several days because there might be something interfering from time to time.
That’s one of the downsides of wireless.

WiFi used another frequency as Z-wave.
Zigbee, however, could have the same frequency as 2.4GHz wifi

I will check later again.

I don’t quite understand what you meant by using them off the first floor. The thing is, I use it on the second floor. :thinking:

I know, just for testing if it’s a range problem…