Added Fibaro Wall Plug does not show in app

I added a few Fibaro Wallplugs without any problems. Then one too a little longer but the app said device added but when I look in devices it does not show.

When I try to add it again i get device already added.

Anyway to remove a device when it’s not showing up in devices?

My Homey version is 2.1.1, I tried to reboot it but it does not make any diffrence

Any advice?

// Felix

as this question is asked several times, and also answerd many many times…. USE THE SEARCH OPTION.

its there to be used


Thank you cert much for your CAPS LOCK ANSWER! Are you three years old?

The the remove device in Zwave settings doesn’t do anything at all. I tried that option.

Also I can no longer add any type of zdevice, all get the same error.

Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum btw

your very welcome,

You never mentiont that you couldnt add any zwave device anymore :wink:

and just to nag :stuck_out_tongue: with my 3 year i know how to use the search :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to reset ur device, try to remove the device from Homey (even if it’s not added before) and then try to add the device.
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