Can't add fibaro devices that is removed from Homey

Hello. I have an issue which i’m not been able to solve. Homey support is not answering either. I was going to add my fibaro units as unsecure. I have added them to homey before as secure, but that is to slow. Anyway over to the problem. I clicked on the devices and clicked remove. I then hit 3 times on the unit and got message. Device removed. When i now try to add it again to homey, nothing happens. Not even adding it in normal secure mode. If you wonder how i was trying to add the device as unsecure mode. I was using the walli switch trick. When that didn’t work i tried to install it again using normal secure. I have tried now using fibaro dimmer, sensor and single switch.

I have the newest app and firmware. Tried to restart homey several times.

What to do :open_mouth:

Did you reset the devices to factory settings? Maybe it should solve the problems.

The first step is always an exclusion.

1 Step Exclusion
2 Step Inclusion

That’s should not cause the Problem.

Maybe you are to far away from Homey during the Exclusion/Inclusion process?

Have tried to reset the devices to factory settings. I have also tried exclusion before inclusion. Furtheremore i have tried with a unit standing 2cm from Homey.

Tried = Not successful?

What does that mean? Are you running the experimental v5 firmware?

Yes i have reset the devices and got confirmation of the reset from the device itself.

It was just information so that no one did not suggest this as a solution. No, i don’t have any experimental features turned on