Fibaro Wall Plug ZWave Plus UK support [FGWPG-111]

When I am trying to add the aforementioned device using the Wall Plug Zwave plus in Fibaro app, it spits a message out that “No compatible homey app has been found for the device.”
The device works when added as an Wall Outlet, but I am unable to see the power consumption, etc.

When do you plan on adding the UK / 111 version to the Fibaro App?

Fibaro app is own by Athom and Athom does not read actively this forum.

I suggest you make a feature request as per the opening post.

Thanks @danone, I have done it.

Does anyone know why the GitHub sources are not on par with the app versions showing in the Homey ?

The latest commit shows version 2.1.31 whereas the app version on Homey shows 2.2.8.

I wanted to grab the source code and just add the missing product ID for it to be recognised correctly, but with the versioning disparity I am not sure if I won’t be re-introducing some bugs that were squashed since 2.1.31. Can anybody comment on that please ?

Under the branch select Alpha.

Amazing, thanks. One last question. I assume that if I delete the “official” app and the cli-install my modified one, I would have to add all my Fibaro devices again and modify all the flows that they participate in ? Is there a way around it ?

The version KyleAthom Version 2.2.8 seems to be the current version in the AppStore.

That’s correct, I was just after the latest sources so I can add the missing UK Wall Plug driver.

Almost precisely 2 years later … The support for the UK version of the non-USB plug has been added sometime in the 3.x.x timeline (around 1.5 years after my original request - not great for the “in-house” developed app); however it does not allow me to see the power - just the energy. Looking at the advanced options it seems that devs just “copied” the non-UK version of the plug and added the device ID, but the advanced options are different between the EU and UK version, so perhaps that’s the reason why the power meter does not show anything. Side (and slightly off topic) question - does anyone have the experience with the USB version of the UK socket FGWPG-121 ? Does it fully work ?

Thanks !