Aqara FP2, mmWave presence detection on WiFi

Same here. 30 euro

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Same here €30,— for a Homey app

Adrian, you are getting rich and richer :grimacing::grinning:

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who counts what’s the total?


220 i think at least. Some people didn’t define a number.


30 € from me, too

That’s more than I have made over the last 6 years on my 15 other apps :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m to blame as well @Adrian_Rockall. But now that i bought the HP2023 i understand the importance of developers and that they keep developing, supporting and maintaining there apps. So when there is a new app, solved a issue for me or the app is updated for future hardware (Like a new homey), i show my gratitude by placing a small donation.

I hope more people will follow this path, because it is especially that apps made by developers makes the homey a stong, versatile product.


P.S. after a week i see a huge improvement in the presence detection on my FP2 in the kitchen and living room. It is almost flawless. Sometime it takes longer for my kitchen sensor to see i’m absent. But that is 2 minutes at most.

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I have been looking into the possibilities of an app and it’s not looking good.
I contacted Aqara and they firmly said there is no local API for the FP2, so any app would have to be cloud based.

The official cloud API is a bit of a mess:

First problem, it uses a none standard webhook implementation that requires a JSON object returned in the body of the POST response to confirm the message was received. Athom’s webhook server can’t cope with that so it’s not possible to register the address in the Aqara developer console. I have asked Athom if an option can be added when declaring the webhook, but I’m not sure it is important enough to get any attention at the moment. Therefore, the app would be based on polling, which is a terrible state.

The second problem is due to the rate limit of 100000 messages per month (sum of API requests and push messages) that is imposed on the free developer account. That’s probably enough for a single user but not for multiple users. That would mean every user would need to create their own developer account and use their own appID and keys.

So at the moment I’m hitting walls in every direction.

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Is there no other way to import FP2? Just like Home assistant does?

Aaaai. That is terrible news. I hope that matter will be implented soon on aqara. That way hopefully there is a way to work around the cloud, but that will only be possible to use for people with the HP2023.

On this moment i got it working with a raspberry pi, home assistant and the homekit plugin on the home assistant. And then install home assistant app on the homey. So the home assistant detects presence from FP2 and sends this thru to homey with the help on the home assistant app.

The only problem for homey is that he only sees on motion sensor per device at the time. So first you must find out what is the general motion detection. For instant in the home assist you set the general motion detection to motion. Then as second a important zone you set that for armed. Another zone will be set for occipied and so on. If you set it all, setup the fp2 in homey with the home assistant app. You will see you now have a few triggers. There are many choices, not all of them is working. So it is a trail and error search.

It is expertimental and not perfect. But hopefully there comes a better solution in the future.

From Aqara: I asked the same question in the email if there was a api or i could use webhooks and they where very vague. That while in the ad and websites they where really talking about local api.

Hello @Adrian_Rockall .Is there not a possibility to connect homekit compatible devices to homey? This because the PF2 is homekit compatible. There is a homekit and homekitty app for homey, but these apps are to attach homey to homekit, so you can switch on/off, adjust, etc homey devices with apple products or …!
But for me it is to connect homekit compatible devices to homey and these apps doesn’t exist for homey on the moment.
Home assistant has this possibility. But maybe it is easier said then done and is it much more difficult or impossible to do this as well for homey, what probably is.

Not that I know of. I believe @robertklep started one a few years ago but abandoned it when he sold his Homey. Maybe he will see this and put me right.

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You’re right, there isn’t a HomeKit Controller app for Homey.

I once started with one, and someone else actually created one, but we both moved away from using Homey (I still have Homey’s, but only to maintain my apps for it).

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Sad to hear. That really sounded good if it still existed, cause maybe that could help to get the FP2 working with homey. Now i hope that someone likes to take over.
Anyone…? :grin::grin:

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so we have to encourage @robertklep to make an app…:kissing_heart: also for for you €30,— if you can build a HomeKit. Maybe for a spare tire for your bike


I now have the basics of an app working. It needs some polishing to select server regions and I am discussing an addition to the webhook definition with Athom, so that I can specify the good response that is expected by Aqara. I have proved it works by using my Homey as the webhook server and I am getting push messages as expected.
So, the only question is whether 100000 message per month will be enough. As I have no idea how many users there will be or how often their sensors will trigger a message, I don’t know if that is going to work.
There are two ways to get more allowance:

  1. I sign up for a paid account, which is 1000 USD per year and then a small charge for every block of 10000 messages over the 100000. Am I that dedicated I ask myself :slight_smile:

  2. Every user creates a free developer account with Aqara to get their own 100000 call per month allowance.

So, if all this works out, what capabilities are people expecting?
For example, I currently have it setup for luminance and person present. How many of you need to have zone active alarms and if so how many zones?


Can you as much in detail explain how you set it up. For me it’s not working