Aqara FP2, mmWave presence detection on WiFi

EDIT 2024-01-18:
@Martin_Verbeek has made a fantastic effort in creating the amazing HomeKit Controller app that is made for bringing the FP2 into Homey. It supports presence, motion, zones… Just stellar work.
Be sure to check out the thread for his app here.

I just saw that there’s a new FP2 presence sensor coming out now in March, and contrary to the other Aqara sensors it doesn’t use Zigbee but rather Wifi. Probably makes it trickier for someone to make an integration into Homey for it, but…


We could perhaps use it in HomeKit and activate virtual dummy switches through automations in Homekit? :smiley:

I’m definitely interested in getting a few of these, homey integration would be awesome. I’m no programmer but I’m considering learning… perhaps I’ll give it a crack when I get my homey pro… if someone competent doesn’t do it first haha.

very interesting - I’m convinced that microwave / mmwave is the ultimate way to detect presence in a room.

I’m eager to get devices to do that - preferably where you can set range and sensitivity .

I want to automate the (heat exchanger) ventilation per room with an airvalve - to be steered from presence and CO2 per room.

PIR’s dont do this reliably because you need to be moving. If i sleep or work I hardly move.

I just want a good indication of whether someone’s in bed, and if someone is sitting in the sofa.


It would definitely help with my IR panel in my office → I walk out → IR heating switches off :sunglasses:


Just CO2 should be enough to control your hvac, maybe combine it with a RH. But a MMWAVE would be nesicerry for this purpose. You would like the HVAC to keep running for a while while the person has left to get the air quality to default again.

I order a few tuya zigbee MMWAVE sensors a few weeks ago, homey doesn’t support it yet, so I hooked them up to tuya hub and use virtual devices to trigger homey. Works like a charm, but as soon as homey will support them it’s bye bye china spyware :sweat_smile:


The only thing I wonder is, could it ignore pets?

As stated above I know have 4 tuyau ZigBee MMWAVE sensors. They work like a charm. No longer will I have a little dance to prevent the lights from turning of, but when my mid size dog is in the room (even laying down) the light will stay on. I payed about 35 euros per sensor. Instead of 123 for the Aqara. But for the living room, if there is pet ignoring (and works local without server) this would be a worthy investment.

It supposed to ‘see’ whether your sitting down and standing up, so it could potentionatly auto pauze Netflix when one of us stands from the couch, and auto resumes when all are seated.

But once more, I don’t need the movie to pauze when my dog walks to the kitchen to sip some water :joy:

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This one is now also available in the Netherlands!!!.
Now waiting for the app to support this one. And then all the PIR’S can go…


It’s very cool. I saw some videos on YouTube. I hope there will be an Homey app.

I have ordered one FP2 already



It’s now sold out every where, I wanted to order a second one but was too late

You can find it now in several online stores in the Netherlands.
Just Google on AQARA FP2 and you will find them.
(Don’t know if i can name company’s here).

Ik zie 'm in ieder geval bij Home2Link nog op voorraad staan.

Got 1 as well!

If someone manages to makes this work with Homey (direct communication or via an other platform like homeassistant, homekit, Alexa IFTTT, etc) i am eager to know!

I have now ordered it somewhere else. :slight_smile:

Also ordered one! Very exited to test and make all kind of routines/flows. The YouTube video’s look very promising.

Hey, I just saw this on the official Aqara website.

nice, will get mine tomorrow. curious what it can do plus how to integrate with this. like to do hue and some presence detection.

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will try homekit and back to homey

To add the FP2 to Home Assistant you need to do the following steps:

  1. Add the FP2 to HomeKit through the Aqara App.
  2. Setup your motion zones in the Aqara App.
  3. Remove any of the FP2 sensors from within the Apple Home app. Removing one will remove all of them.
  4. It should discover the FP2 within HomeAssistant using the HomeKit Controller integration, and you just need to enter the Apple HomeKit device code found on the FP2.
    It will automatically sync the zones you previously created, and any future changes in the Aqara app for zones will propagate to Home Assistant.