Is there anyone who is working on, or aware off, an app to make any mmWave presence sensor available

Since some time there now are various mmWave presence sensors available in the market. This type of presence sensor, especially the ones combined with and integrated PIR sensor, would be an ideal addition to the Homey landscape. This sensor would mean a tremendous step in creating flows that really act on people’s presence in a space and therefore improve automations based on presence and possible energy savings.

If anyone is aware of any of these sensors being or becoming available within the Homey landscape. Or or anyone would like to take on a project to make this avaialble, I believe many users would be very happy with this.

Thank you!

Tuya zigbee (when you own a Tuya compatible zigbee hub) / or Tuya wifi presence sensor is an option.

The Tuya Cloud app can receive (and send) Raw commands (an mqtt variation) of any of your Tuya devices per Tuya iot cloud.

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I have this one and it is OK but a bit too sensitive. It reliably detects when someone is in the room but also detects when someone uses the toilet paper in the cloakroom :slight_smile: (the roll holder is fixed to the other side of the shared wall). I have tried repositioning the sensor without any luck and there is no adjustments for sensitivity.


Wow, that’s impressive, Adrian. Isn’t there any sensitivity setting present?

Can it detect the location of a person as well?

No, just that someone is present.

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