Can i connect tuya zigbee presence sensor to homey?

I want to buy this one
Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! ₪57.35 38%OFF | Tuya WiFi /Zigbee Human Presence Detector Smart Human Body PIR Sensor MmWave Radar Microwave Motion Sensor Intensity Detect DC5V

Can i connect it? How?

Perhaps. Your best bet is probably with the WiFi version, as with TuYa Zigbee devices you never know what you’re going to get.

There are various TuYa apps available in the app store.

I have bought the same (zigbee), but not working in Homey. I have it working with Home Assistant and then Hass Homey community plugin, this works great. But you need Home Assistant for it with a Zigbee sick.

Oh ok

And this one maybe?

Aqara fp1
Can i just use the homekit homey app?

No, the FP1 is a Zigbee device, and AFAIK the Aqara Zigbee app doesn’t support it. The FP2 should work with the HomeKit Controller app.

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Do i need anything else beside my homey and the sendor? Any hub or bridge?


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It’s supported by the test version of this app.