Can you connect aqara presence sensor FP2 to homey?

Try to test out aqara presence sensor FP2 with homey before deciding if I want to invest in homey pro, but it looks like you have to have homey pro for them to integrate which makes me worry all the things I’m seeing in reviews about homey pro not integrating well may be true (US based). Is there a way to test integration with homey and aqara FP2 presence sensor that I’m missing?

No, you need a Homey Pro for FP2 support. Homey Cloud/Bridge is not a good way to test device support since it only has a limited amount of available apps (by choice).

I cannot find it here Aqara App voor Homey | Homey so it is not supported.

The Aqara app is for Zigbee devices, the FP2 isn’t a Zigbee device. There is now an app that supports the FP2: HomeKit Controller | Homey


How do you know all those things and exceptions !:grin:

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So I need two Apps to run devices on Homey pro: The homey one plus this home kit controller one? What a PITA. Also this warning on this app is a bit concerning ( see image)

No? The HomeKit Controller app is a Homey app.

So don’t use it and wait for it to become stable.


There is a stable version, HomeKit Controller App voor Homey | Homey

In the change log it says it does support:
28 okt 2023
FP2 30 zones, changed icons
27 okt 2023
Initial release Aqara FP2 support

More info at Homekit Controller for Homey

Thank you

Thank you!

Hi @robertklep,

When using the homekit controller app, I cannot see the FP2 device(s). Does the homekit controller app need a separate bridge before it can see the FP2?

Steps to reproduce:

  • install homekit controller app on HP23
  • add device → homekit controller

Result: a list of Homekit devices, EXCEPT for the FP2.

I must had missed something, so I need a little help here.


I only suggested the app, I don’t use it myself nor am I involved in its development.

One thing I do know is that your FP2 cannot already be connected via HomeKit with another HomeKit controller (like an iPhone/iPad or Home Assistant). When it is, it can’t be found.

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I think there is another discussion going on here Aqara FP2, mmWave presence detection on WiFi

And a solution here:



(My first post here, as I just ordered Homey pro and still wating for the delivery)

I suppose you need Apple Home kit for this to work. Or you just need the HomeKit app installed in Homey? Wondering if if this still works for non-Apple users…


Yes, it does, you don’t need any Apple devices for it to work.

Perfect. Thanks, @robertklep