[HOW TO] Aqara FP2 into Homey via Apple Homekit

So a friend of mine gave me an Aqara FP2 (thnx buddy!)

Normally you can just add almost anything into Homey native or via community app.
But the FP2 desided to be a little princess and is not having it.
Stubborn as i am, i wasn’t going to let this little sensor get the better of me.

I have found a good and reliable way to get the FP2 working into Homey (Pro 2023).
What i’m about to tell i also did with Google Home, but the latency was killing me and i rather would walk to the wall switch than let this annoy the hell out of me.

So the situation:
Tools needed > Homey Pro (2023) / Apple Homekit hub / Aqara FP2 + Home app / HomeKitty community app / In Homey Settings > experimental > enable virtual devices

So i hope i’m doing this right otherwise i just spend allot of typing for nothing

There are 3 situations to setup into making this all work: Homey, Apple Homekit and the Aqara app for the FP2 sensor.

I’ll start with Homey first as this works into Apple Homekit.

Go into Homey and add a virtual switch under the Homey brand logo and finish the adding of the device. Now have 1 virtual switch with the default name, i would suggest renaming this into something unique and easy to recognise for when you have multiple switches.

The device can now be used as a regular on and off switch in your flows, this is up to you with what you want to do with this. For example enable > light on / disable > light off.

HomeKitty APP:
Install the app and add it to your Apple Homekit as a bridge (here are probably other tutorials for that already)
In Homey > Settings > APPS > HomeKitty > Configuration > List of devices > Enable the devices you want to sync to Apple Homekit. I only used the virtual switches but you can sync any other device you like, up to you. Apple Homekit does not sync to Homey, this is only one way sync.
In case Apple HomeKit asks you what kind of device it is use a wall socket.

At this point you made a virtual switch and synced this into your Apple HomeKit.

Aqara Home APP:
I’m assuming you already have the FP2 Sensor setup and working within the APP.
Its important to know that every detetion zone you make is seen as a device
In the Aqara Home APP > Profile > HomeKit and this to your Apple Homekit

At this point you have added the virtual switches from Homey to Apple HomeKit and devices (detection zones) from the Aqara APP.

Apple HomeKit:
In HomeKit you are not going to do a lot but its just a translation between Aqara and Homey.
So now we are going to tie the 2 system together you’ll need a Apple Hub for this as you need the automations.
In HomeKit you are going to make an automation that will enable the virtual switch from Homey when presence is detected and another automation to disable the switch when someone is absence.

I made a extra room in HomeKit (“Homey”) for the virtual switch to find them easy for when here are a lot of devices in HomeKit
Presence > Enable switch

Absence > Disable switch

Here are multiple switches and automations i made in HomeKit

Step into a zone and the virtual Homey switch is enable with the flow you made (example light on)
Step out of the zone and the virtual Homey switch is disabled with the flow you made (example light off)
In my case i used Philips Hue and used specific scenes.

I have yet to find an issue with this setup and am very please so far with it.
Good luck champs!

Additionally i made virtual switch with the Apple HomeKit automation to enable the switch when lux is below 10 and disable the switch when lux is above 10. Choose whatever lux value works for you.


Not wanting to spoil the fun, but isn’t this a way easier solution, with Homekit Controller app?


I had trouble using that app.
And this might be a good case for someone else, always good to have an alternative.

Have you sent me a note on what the issues were, so it can progress? Seems to be pretty stable currently according to the users…

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I have not, but i’ll look into it again.

Thx, just let me know if you run into issues. Please install the test version!

I’m struggling to get this to work. Just to be clear. When saying “remove from home app” they’re referring to removing Homey bridge from HomeKit? So reset in Aqara, reinstall in Aqara, remove homey bridge from HomeKit then I should see it in HomeKit controller when adding device in Homey Pro?

Most probably they mean ‘Remove Aqara FP2 from Home app’, and Home app = probably something Apple related.
Not sure what Homey bridge got to do with it, I think you shouldn’t remove it from anywhere.
But please ask in this topic

Background & discussions

That’s it, for the simple fact that most (all?) regular (non-Matter) HomeKit-enabled devices can only be connected to one HomeKit controller (so either an iDevice or Homey, but not both at the same time).

I hope this will work for my new light switches z1 pro from aqara!

I was thinking any zigbee light switch device will just run as the zwave light switch deices!

Hello colleagues,

After new firmware update I have realized that my aqara fp2 presence detection is working slowly, detection presence and no presence is detected with more time.
I have realized also that in homey pro aqara fp2 added with homekit controller on item settings is now available json.Do you have knowledge in order to edit this json in order to get quicker response for this aqara fp2 presence sensor?

thanks in advance.

Json is there for dev purpose. You cannot change it.

What version of the app are you running?