Just received my aqara fp2-what can i do with it?

I connect it using homekit

But cant get any flew with it
What can i do with it?
Any exemple?

Have a look here:

I visited this post
But couldn’t find what to do and how
I cant create any flew with it.

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Thanks for ur replay
I added screenshot of my device
I dont think it should be like this
Am I right?

And after some time this happend until i restart the sensor

And in the aqara app all working fine

No, it’s a sensor, sensors cannot be controlled.

Are you using the test version of the app?

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Control mean see areas and presence
I am not supposed to see this information?

I dont know/ think im using the test version

How to test it?

That’s not what control means. Controlling means sending commands to the device.

Current test version is v1.0.4, current stable version is v1.0.2

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This is the sensor

I use 1.0.2
So im good for this part

But how do i see the sensor data ( somone walked, areas, etc…) in homy?

I think you should start asking your questions in the app thread.

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Thankyou i will

Yeah, I tried to point him that way 11 days ago :crazy_face:

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