Created a MMWave/PIR presence sensor with temp and humidity and luminance

Hi y’all,

Just sharing a fun project here that me and a friend of mine are working on.

I just built an MMWave/PIR sensor for Homey using HomeyDuino and some custom made Arduino software. It’s using a cheap chinese MMWave sensor (it’s about €15) and I have designed a custom case for it as well. He is developing some software for Homey to make it more fun to use!

It features:

  • MMWave sensor for millimeter precise motion detection
  • PIR sensor for quick reliable “on” sensing
  • Temperature/humidity sensor (DHT20, not on pictures yet)
  • A digital light sensor (output’s value in Lux)
  • Distance sensing with the MMWave sensor
  • ESP32 WROOM WiFi enabled board

I am currently writing the distance to “Power Amperage” capability in Homey because I didn’t find a better way yet haha.

We are using “contact alarm” to show room presence and “movement alarm” to show movement. If either sensor picks up movement the movement alarm will go off, if the mmwave detects presence or you’re still in a presence timeout the presence will remain true.

The whole sensor is configurable through a webinterface that you can also use to update its firmware. It’s just easier with all those sensors hanging around that you don’t have to get them down to update the newest firmware lol. It communicates with Homey over WiFi. When you boot up the sensor for the first time it creates an accesspoint where you can connect to and enter your WiFi credentials. Then it automatically starts broadcasting to homey.

What do you guys think?

The device

The homey interface

The web interface


Looks like the Everything Presence One Kit I was looking into (but currently not available). However, that one isn’t implemented in a Homey environment yet.

Sounds good, I will follow your next steps.

I know, I actually came across it in all of my research. It’s not really a unique idea is it, slapping some sensors together ¯\__(ツ)_/¯

I am currently testing out the MMwave and all its capabilities…to see if I can get it to work really reliable!

With some very easy code btw, you can get that kit working with homey as well of course!

As soon as I receive my Homey I will be able to experience that myself :wink:. But I don’t know when the next batch will arrive. I’m on preorder no 70.000+

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So when do you start shipping :grin:


Hahaha, I guess never? :sweat_smile:

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End of February is a nice period🤭

Hahaha. Just out of curiousity, what would you pay for a sensor like this? Because I don’t think I can make this nearly as cheap as the everything presence one.

is there a way you can make this Into a DIY? (maybe with software aswell) so maybe people can make their own? I think there are many people who love to try this

You can make it yourselves like this, there are even much cheaper sensors on ali:

It kind of is DIY, its just an ESP32 with some hardware attached that sends data to homeyduino.

Yes I developed quite an extensive library that runs on the arduino but you don’t really need that do you.

About the cheap chinese sensors, you really need some experience with serial data and programming to get them working. Don’t think that any manual will help you in a decent way haha. I have tried a few!

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Can i make this sensor work with homey directly? With the esp home app? Or do i need to get other software aswell?

@Robin_De_Lange as @b03tz say, it’s an ESP32 device, so if you are familiar with that, it is not to complicated, maybe even @b03tz is able to help you?

no im not familiar with that, but I have seen on the link you send that his pf1 sensor software directs connects to home assistant, so I thought maybe it can connect with the app from home assistant to homey? without the programming ofcourse :grin:

This sensor communicates with Homey directly using the app “homeyduino”…there’s nothing else involved. It’s very easy to get that communication up and running.

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oke thanks, I think im gonna wait for the pf2 from Aqara. :rofl:

I wasn’t planning on releasing any of this anyway so I you were waiting for this it would be a long wait!

It’s just a: ‘hey look what I built’ topic…haha. And of course, I’ll help you guys with any questions if you want to build something of your own.


Very interesting project, are you considering to make the source-code available to us? maybe on github?

I might; it’s not really clean enough yet and it’s a very specific implementation to this hardware. I don’t see how it benefits anybody else yet. My plan is to make the software more modular and to be able to configure for instance, a PIR is on GPIO 4 and this sensor includes the light sensor or it doesn’t, or includes the temp sensor or doesn’t. Because I want to make lightweight versions of Sensey as well (for instance a simple ESP32 board with an MMWAVE attached for bed-presence, I don’t need the other stuff but I do want my webinterface running for debugging and OTA).

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