Convert presence alarm (via z2mqtt) to motion alarm

hi all,

SO I have a MM wave sensor via Z2M connected to homey. WOrks great.
However I’d love to be able to set it as something that sets the zone as active. But that doesn’t seem to be the working.

Any tips on how I could do that? Or should I just create a flow in which it checks the state of the sensor?

With? The Homey zigbee2mqtt app? HomeAssistant app?
For the 1st one you would have to check with the app maker, support links are on the app page in the appstore.
For the 2nd one, you can set the correct capability of a Z2M entity yourself

ooh, how do you get to the add entity screen for the Home assistant app for homey? :open_mouth:

It’s a sort of creative way for providing additional app settings, but it’s a bit hidden:
Right click the device tile, and pick ‘Repair’.
Mobile app: long press device tile > Maintainance > Try to Repair.

ooohh, I’ll check that gahaha thank you! ^^

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