[APP][Pro] Action Scheduler


Dynamic flow scheduling with a Scheduler device configurable from flows.

Scheduler Device

Add a new Scheduler Device from the Action Scheduler app just like any other device. A new schedule configuration is prompted where you will input:

  • A name for the Schedule
  • The time for the schedule to trigger in HH:mm format
Time formats supported
  • HH can be 0-23 or * for every hour or */n for every nth hour
  • mm can be 0-59 or * for every minute or */n for every nth minute

12:30 - exact time
*:30 - every hour’s 30th minute
5:*/5 - on the 5th hour every 5 minutes
*:*/15 - every 15 minutes

Ranges area also supported

12-15:30 - executed on 12:30, 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30
*:30-45 - every hour, for every minute within 30-45

  • Timezone is prefilled based on your location and you can use any of IANA Timezones
  • Weekdays to repeat, if empty the scheduler is not enabled.

The added device can be turned on or off to enable or disable the scheduler.

Supported flow cards

When - Trigger

  • Schedule updated
    • Triggers when schedule is updated.
  • Schedule triggered
    • Triggers on next scheduled time. Use this card to start your flow.
  • Scheduled time is in minutes minutes.
    • Trigger a number of minutes before the actual scheduled time.

And - Condition

  • Scheduler is/isn’t enabled.
  • Next run is scheduled in minutes.
  • Next run is scheduled for today.
  • Next run is scheduled for tomorrow.
  • Next run is scheduled for this week.
  • Next run is scheduled for next week.

Then - Action

  • Enable scheduler
    • Set scheduler enabled to Yes/No
  • Scheduler time
    • Sets schedule time as HH:mm.
  • Schedule ahead of time
    • Schedule given minutes before HH:mm time. If any weekday is selected, the alarm will be repeated on those weekdays. If no weekday is selected, the alarm will run once. Adjusts to previous day, if schedule will be before midnight.

Use cases

  • Heat the outdoor spa by 18:00 and save energy by heating just enough to reach the desired temperature.
  • Starting the car preheating based on your iCal calendar for the next morning departure time.

Useful links

Example flows with Scheduler Device

When a scheduler is updated

Setting a dynamic start time

Variables in the math formula are:

  • Temperature = outdoor temperature C from Netatmo
  • Spa bathing temperature = 37C
  • Water = Current water temperature C.

The formula I have derived from months of heating up the pool from approx 34C to 37C and now gives fairly accurate time in minutes it will take to heat up

Triggering a flow


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

TODO - Features Requested

If you would like to request a feature to this app, please open a feature request at Github.

I will highlight some request also here.

Known issues

Since Homey Pro 2023 these errors have been appearing and are been investigated:

Placeholder #2

Very interesting app.
How will the physical alarm notify me? What can I expect when the Homey Alarm is triggered?

You can then use the alarm triggers (When cards) from the Homey Alarms app to start an other flow.

An alarm attached to an flow, prevents Homey from making any sounds.

oh, so basically, your app triggers these:

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Really nice app @OH2TH

@Twan_Veugelers , in a way yes and no. This app Then-card can change the trigger time of those alarms.

New update (Live: 1.1.0)

Changes in test

How can make my phone, computer or tablet alarm me from something I want to be alarmed about?

Can Homey trigger an alarm app on the phone?

Can Homey itself create alarms that has some sound or noise, like a sleeping alarm?

Use the app pushover with a subscription and send the alarms to Pushover. Multiple options for sounds, priorities, etc.

Going a bit off topic for this app, however:

For Homey device itself, you can setup Alarms (Wekkers) from the Homey app settings. If there are no flows using the alarm, then Homey will make a sound.

Or you can use those same alarm to start a flow with a when card “… goes off” and send a message to your phone with “Push Notifications”, also a Homey builtin app.

And with this Alarm Utilities, you can change the alarm settings in any flow.

Update went live today with the new flow card the set most aspects of an alarm.

Remember, that you need to use the built-in Alarms flow cards to enable/disable the alarm.

Alarms with Homey Pro 2023

There has been a development with new Homey Pro 2023 related to alarms

It seems that alarms are not in Homey Pro 2023. I have opened a support request to Athom about this, lets see what this really means.

I wouldn’t want to go back to the messy advanced flow with HomeyScripts after I just got them cleanup.

One way forward could be to setup this app also for these scheduled triggers.

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And the answer from Athom Support leaves me to start designing a way to handle the schedule tasks without Alarms.

Currently only impacts Homey Pro Early 2023 model, not the previous models.

New update (Live: 1.1.0, Test: 1.2.0)

Changes in test

  • ADD: New device - ‘Scheduler’: Adds scheduling for given time and repeat on selected weekdays

Please note that this is now out for testing and not meant for production like use.

Some side effect may exist and any notes on those are greatly appreciated.

When adding a Scheduler device, it asks for a name, time in 24h HH:mm format and the days for repeating. Timezone is detected from your browser and may be changed.
If all days are unchecked, the scheduled time will trigger only once. This may change in a future version.

Device can be turned on / off to enable / disable the scheduler.

One bonus from using cron-library for this, time string can have certain crontab like wild cards:

  • HH = * – repeat every hour
  • HH = 8-12 – repeat on the hours of 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • mm = * – repeat every minute
  • mm = */5 – repeat every five minutes

Does not support schedule for dates or months (for now).

All parameters can be adjust from the device’s Advanced Settings page.

Next in line for the Scheduler device is recreate the rest of the original flow cards.

If you are not comfortable in using test versions of the app, please reinstall the production version.

Thanks @OH2TH, will test and see if this is a nice workaround.
Only seems your link to the new testversion is wrong. It lacks /test and now points to the stable release.
This is the correct link:

Oops, fixed it.

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