Flows from hour to hour. Why not? How to be able to do it?

Hi, Homey Pro here.

I have not been able to find anything effective in the community, but how is it possible that in Homey’s Flows there is no starting condition that takes into account a time period of, say, 5 PM to 7 PM? Or, “starting at 5 PM…”

How can I accomplish this?

I tried to download the Chronograph app but there are no instructions and it talks about Pick and Tag. It is not clear at all. I don’t know how to indicate seconds, hours, in the Flows.

Can you help me?
Thank you.

The 2nd line below the example card pic is the instruction?
Most apps have a dedicated topic with more info and howto’s. Those links are to be found at the bottom of the app store app pages.

But I think you need this neat app:


So kind, Peter!

No, the instruction are here, and basically are not instructions.

My image explain the only way to use Chronograph, via Flows, because it’s impossibile to add “Chronograph devices”.

I see that Action Scheduler has the same complexity.
I have to add a device with a Scheduler at a certain time (not period of time) and for certain days, to use it later in Flows.
But in Flows the dark way of running things returns.
I don’t know what the tags refer to if I can only indicate minutes, and are “minutes before scheduled time”. Why these limitations?

Why does the smarthome have to be so complicated?

I just need to create an automation to say that from 5 PM to 7 PM the Fibaro motion sensor should send me a push notification on my phone if it detects someone.

(thanks, Peter)

Homey’s triggers work on an actual state changes, like “[IF] it turns 5 o’clock” or “[IF] a light turns on”.
And between 5 and 7 PM is a condition (so AND).

So your thinking is the other way around then you should:
[IF] motion activates;
[AND] it is between 5 and 7 pm; (build in Time card, no apps needed)
[THEN] send notification;



Thx @Caseda !

(A reflection in the margin)
I understand that low-power sensors need to manage their energy resources and thus they are the ones to command triggers, but why can’t the UI be “turned around” to obviate these needs?

If I pointed to the time condition first, Flow would not work.
With your system it does.

But I don’t “need to know how a technology works”; I just need to be able to use it.

So why doesn’t Homey’s app (and other smart home ecosystems, let’s be clear) make sure it uses its tools following a less engineering logic?

Thx again. So appreciated. :sunny:

Hi Leclettico, you’re welcome,

Now that’s a clear description to work with (to me) :wink:

On the subject on how Homey flows can/should be designed: yes, it has it’s quirks and we have to ‘get’ how it works best.
If you want it changed, you should contact Athom, the forum users here can’t change it :grimacing:

There is no system you can manage 100% right away without a little RTFM in my opinion.
Cheers and have fun with Homey

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You are being funny!
I disagree with your comments about Homey and there are no quirks here.
You can literally do what you said, so why blame it on engineering?

Here’s what you wanted:
5 PM to 7 PM the Fibaro motion sensor should send me a push notification on my phone if it detects someone .

Here’s what you need to put into a flow:
IF it detects someone
AND it’s between 5-7PM
THEN send notification.

It is literally what you want.

I know that every beginning is hard but I’d prefer you do your learning in a more positive way. It’ll go faster.

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@Rrrr thanks for sharing your opinion. I’m still on mine. :vulcan_salute:

Obviously then learning is not your best part.
If you need help with the amazing app Chronograph let us know…

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