How to keep track of the time a device is running

I tried making a timed counter in the following way, using delay. It works but stops after it called the flow five times. Is there a different way to do something like this (I want to keep track of the time a device is on)

If you want to know how long a device has been on: use the Retrieve Insights flowcard from the Device Capabilities App.

Else, use a Stopwatch from the Chronograph app.

I think it’s about Homey cloud looking at the categories :hugs:

Starting the same flow every 5s is probably resulting in “flow disabled due to too many starts in x sec.”

For Homey cloud you’ll need to “spread it” over two or three (or more) flows, and the last flow then starts the first again to start the loop again.
When using multiple flows, every flow gets started only once every 10, 15 or 20s. and with enough time in between the flows should not be disabled again.
For you to figure out what the shortest “allowed” interval is.

Chronograph and Device capabilities apps are only available for Homey Pro

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Sorry, i didn’t see that is was for Homey Cloud.