View and manage active flows


I have multiple flows that have delays set in them. Is there a way to see flows that are currently running, and even stop them? When doing testing and such of buttons and triggers it would be nice to be able to not get a random notification or behavior of something completing that was not intended to be running.

Afaik you can´t stop flows as soon as they’re started.

But, when you use Chronograph timers instead of the onboard delays, you can view which timers are running, and you can pause them or stop them, and resume thru the app settings:
Screenshot from 2023-10-04 03-32-33

Also, onboard delays don’t survive a reboot / power outage. So the flows involved don’t continue.
Chronograph checks with Homey’s time, and continues running and finishes at the expected time (when it’s not falling in the time needed to boot and startup the app of course).