Advanced Flow disabled as running multiple times

I’m not sure what is happening here but I keep getting a message saying the below, I’m not sure why it is happening, and what I can do to sort it? Do I need an endpoint or something?

This is a bug, resolved in the newest Homey version.

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Did this Advanced Flow have long running delays cards before?

Nope, I don’t use delay cards over a minute, setup a timer using the chronograph app for anything longer. Have just updated my Homey to latest version so will find out in a couple of days if the issue remains!

Have the same when ever i reboot my homey it happens on 3 advanced flows that it hits the 60 limit. I have been sitting today and making a litle more advanced reboot sequence sins there is some other issues that happens when i reboot the homey with surtain devices and apps. I have made it that before the reboot it closes down all the apps and turns off a bunch of my flows, What it also does is after reboot it reactivate them in a specific order and wait for surtain apps to be running a little like dependency checking. Sins homey doesnt care about dependency checking on start of a flow/app some odd things can happen. It looks like my 60 times problem got “solved” with my workaround.

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