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Hi all,

Playing a bit with Homey Cloud. Wanted to make some flows triggering when my washing machine is finished. Using a smart plug, when the power consumption is below a certain point for a certain amount of time (e.g. 1 minute), it would mean that my washing machine is finished. Very simple.

I read about the Chronograph app for Homey Pro, in which you could set a timer when the power drops below the threshold and delete the timer if it goes back up again. Unfortunately, this app is not available for Homey Cloud and as I understood all apps under the ‘tools’ section will probably never be.

Is there another way to achieve this? If not, will the functionality I’m trying to achieve ever be possible with Homey Cloud?


Way too advanced for the target audience.
Cloud is somewhat considered controlling the lights, for a start.

Flow 1
IF power is above X watt THEN set Logic variable powerplug to TRUE

Flow 2
IF power went below X watt AND variable powerplug is TRUE THEN washing machine is finished AND set variable powerplug to FALSE

But then you’ll just have to figure out which watt values are useful, like you stated most of the machines have a lot of idle moments so perhaps you’ll have to add more logic variables and more flows to compare them between each other… I.e. in flow 2 you could add Start Flow 3 after 1 second, Start Flow 4 after 10 seconds, … with each flow writing the value of the power plug to a variable and make 1 flow to compare all these values.
Not easy, but doable :slight_smile:

If it is that simple, you could place a card to trigger something with a delay from the homey card. If you want to cancel the delayed card that is another matter. That will take tricks with variables as described in the above post.
Soooo, because tools are “complex” your flows will not get any simpler :crazy_face:

I must be mistaking, as I was always under the impression that people created tools to make hard stuff simpler.

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According to Athom, tools are Homey Pro territory.

I’m sure that some kind of timer functionality will come to homey cloud aswell!

Not the existing (afaik) timer apps, but a timer is quite a must-have indeed!

I suppose that Athom will build this into the homey service, probably most of the homey pro functionality will be available in homey cloud over the years. they just need to keep the homey pro owner calm for a while… :slight_smile:

I would be very happy if it was built for homey bridge / cloud. Lets wait and fingers crossed.