Advise about creating a flow to turn off a smart plug

Hi y’all!

I new with Homey and flows so bear with me.

I have managed to get the flow to notify me when the washing machine and the dryer are finished, running. So far so good. But I would like to switch off the TP-Link smart wifi plug HS-100 after the washing machine is finished. But if we start a new washing the machine should not turn off, of course.
flow 2

Under ‘Then’ in the washing machine notify flow I have the ‘Start a new flow’ card. It points to the new flow that turns off the smart plug.
As you can see I have a delay of 1800 seconds before the smart plug is turned off. But what if my wife decides to put on another washing within that 1800 seconds? Will the plug still be turned off? The flow should first check if the power consumption is < 1 Watt. If it is more than 5 watts or so it should stop the 1800 seconds delay.

How should I do that?

Any help is appreciated.


Wim van Bezouw

Look at the countdown or timer app, thats what you needed. examples on how to use are easy to find on the forum

Hi Roy, thanks for the tip but with timers or countdown timers alone I wouldn’t know how to get the 1800 seconds questions in my message solved. As I said I am new with Homey, let alone flows and variables. Cheers.

You now have a flow , where you have a card “start smart switch washing machine off” if yyou replace this with a card something like “start countdown/timer”

Then you make another flow

When: Plug power has changed
And: Power is more then…XXX
then: Stop countdown/timer

If you using a logic variable for the power you can use this also/

Then you make another flow to switch the plug of after the timer is empty.

When: timer is empty
Then: Switch plug off

Just to give you a idea

Thanks Roy, I will give this a try. I’ll keep you posted!

Hi Roy,
I had a few days planned away with my wife. (duty calls) That’s why I reply a bit late. I tried the flows as you described and they work great. Thanks for the advise!

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