Washingmachine & Dryer notification: notification when they're both done

Both my washing machine and dryer are in the basement. Both have a plug that measures the energy. Setting a variable for both based on power is easy, on and off. Although for the washing machines it is more difficult because it has moments of almost no power consumption during the program.

But now comes the hard part:
if the washing machine is finished, and the dryer isn’t on: I want a notification.
If the dryer is finished, and the washing machine isn’t on: I want a notification.
If the washing machine is finished but the dryer isn’t finished yet, I don’t want anything yet.
When the washing machine is finished and the dryer has too: I want a notification that they both are finished.
It doesn’t happen a lot, but I want the same the other way around: if the dryer is finished but the washing machine isn’t: nothing. When the washing machine has also finished: notification.

Yesterday I wasn’t home and I got 100 notification from homey about the washing machine xD Very annoying, but now I try to fix this: I can’t bend my mind around it. I get lost in numerous flows and variables. Even when I try to map all the situations on paper I get lost.

What exactly is your question now? How can we help you?

Regarding the issue of flow confusion. Have you sorted the flows e.g. by rooms? That would be the first thing to do. Then you will also find your washing machine/dryer flows.

You already have flows that do not work properly (multiple notifications). That would be the second point to optimize the flows.

In the forum there are already several instructions how to create “washing machine is ready” flows. Have you read them?
It would also be helpful if you would post your current flows.

The question is: how to combine both the washing machine and the dryer if they run together to send one notification of they’re both done. But if the one runs without the other they should send a notification (for them alone).

It’s not about organising flows.

Okay, you don’t want to go down to the basement twice, got it.

Your needs are probably doable with one or two other variables. But you have to make sure that the variable of the washing machine “washing machine on/off” does not change constantly. This is also possible. You have to download the consumption values from Insights or record the values with SimpleLog and analyze them in Ecxel or similar programs. And based on these values, the flow must be optimized.

I haven’t tried it but this might work.

Flow 1:
WHEN Washer starts
THEN Calculate variable Laundry {{Laundry + 1}}

Flow 2:
WHEN Washer stops
THEN Calculate variable Laundry {{Laundry - 1}}

Flow 3:
WHEN Dryer starts
THEN Calculate variable Laundry {{Laundry + 1}}

Flow 4:
WHEN Dryer stops
THEN Calculate variable Laundry {{Laundry - 1}}

Flow 5:
WHEN Variable Laundry changes
AND Variable Laundry equals 0
THEN Send notification

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I also think this should work. :+1:t3:

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Yes! That is what I was looking for.

And for future reference. These are now my flows.

Machine (for each a separate flow) starts
WHEN energy changes
AND energy > x (80 for washing machine, 400 for dryer)
AND is busy is no
THEN is busy to yes
THEN laundry +1

Machine (for each a separate flow) stops)
WHEN energy changes
AND energy < 10
AND is busy is yes
THEN is busy is no
THEN laundry -1

Notification (just one)
WHEN laundry changes
AND laundry = 0
THEN notify “laundry is done”

This also skips the parts of the single appliance variable notify machine and count downtimer machine

Edit: be sure you watch the energy monitor in Insights. I had lower values for the start Flows, but both my washer and my dryer do something after they are done which uses a lot of energy. You don’t want that to trigger a new start.

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