Calender working days, weekends

For a wakeup routine, I’ve seen several solutions that use a button at bedtime to trigger the wakeup as well, some hours later.

Is there no app or function to use time & working days to start a flow?

(Every working day 7 am set temperature kitchen, switch on coffee, switch on lights *slowly increase, etc)


I see three different ways to accomplish this.

  1. Create an alarm in settings. You can set a schedule for time and weekdays. Start a flow with the alarm. If you start a flow there is no audible “alarm”.
  2. Use the Homey app “IcalCalender” and start flows with calender events.
  3. Use the Homey app " Public holidays" to find out if it is a working day or holiday.

Slowly increase of lights can sometimes be set in cards when it is supported by the device. Another way is to use the Homey app “Chronograph” and Transitions. There are more apps that can increase slowly.

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Oh thanks! I’d never looked for an application under “settings”, sometimes Atom’ logic is totally not my logic. I used 1) for now, maybe later I make it advanced by adding 3)