Schedule or agendas

Is there a decent way to manage schedules in Homey? I’ve searched the store and I can’t find anything but it seems something is sorely missing here

If I want to set a start and end time, morning and evening for one device, that is 4 flow cards. Add in more devices and it’s a mess, especially without desktop support really

Surely must be a better option???

I used IFTTT in combination with google calendar. Would that be a solution for you?

Hi can you share your flows here?
Before I used icall on homey (not supported anymore).
But I miss the option to let homey say what my comming appointments are (8 hours earlier)

Is it possible to write the event title to plain text en use this text when i need it.

Hmm… That’s an idea. Can you give me a little more detail of how that works?

It’s still not the fully localised solution I was looking for but definitely gets me too the end result for now

There’s not much going on in the flows really:

Basically, it says a flow names “Scene switches to Avond” when an event named “StartAvond” is fired from IFTTT.

Most of the magic is done in IFTTT. I created an “App” in IFTTT that triggers Homey “Start a Flow” from
the google calendar “Event from search starts” event. Just make sure you use the same keyword in the calendar, IFTTT and homey.

The above flow would thus be connected to:

In the calendar, add events with the same title. I made mine 1 minute events but that really doesn’t matter - it’s just the starting time we’re interested in.

That’s all there is to it. Works like a charm.

Thanks. It’s definitely a way of doing it. It doesn’t seem like it’s the way I want to do it really… Using ifttt as a proxy is a little bit of a backwards step for me in terms of consolidation in Homey

Bofore Homey 2.0 there was a great iCal calendar app for Homey. That worked great with Google calendars…