Activate flow based on Google Calendar

Hello readers,

My wife has her own company were she has flexible work hours based on her agenda items. The last year or soo we used a flow to switch on our house in the morning, 15 minutes before the first customer arrives.

I’ve managed to build this using IFTT and I must say; it works like a charm and it never fails! Let me share my flow with you.

First off, install the IFTT app and create an account. Now add your Homey account to this platform and your Google account.

Next, go back to Homey and create a flow as shown below. Use as trigger ‘When this flow starts’ and do your magic!

Create a new event in IFTT with as trigger ‘Upcoming agenda item’, you can choose when it triggers (30 minutes before, 15 minutes or when it’s time) and if you wish you can search for a certain word in your appointment, this can be usefull to filter.

Next fill out the ‘then’; choose Homey > Run a flow > Choose the flow you’ve created.

Please notice that sometimes theres a short sync time between both platforms. If your flow does not show right away, try restarting IFTT and look again. Normally it shows up within a minute.

Good luck!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Tip: Instead of IFTTT (must be paid with the 4th automation I think) you can also use the app ICalCalender.

Good tip, thank you!

Indeed, when I built this flow 18 months ago I choose IFTT above Homey (don’t remember why), but yes the maximum flows in IFTT is set to four and that might be a showstopper for some people. In my case I only use them for the calendar soo i’m done using two flows in IFTT.

I will experiment using this Homey app and add a extra comment after a while. Thank you.