Start a flow on a agenda item

Does anyone know if there is an app that can start a flow on a certain activity in a calendar?
I have my iCal Calendar on iPhone and Mac.
I do not want to use anything from Google, so also not the agenda. Does anyone have an idea which app can do this?

Have you tried IcalCalendar?

IcalCalender does not work with apple calenders AFAIK.

Have you tried? I don’t have any Apple/iCloud calendars myself so I can’t try myself, but if you share an Apple calendar you get a link that might work with the app.

Yes I have tested it. Get errors when using the iCal calendar from my iPhone or Mac.

It doesn’t look like there are any apps that you can use otherwise.

I have contacted the app developer if it will be possible to add the Apple Calendar to the app of iCalCalender. His anwer is:

“Apple do not offer their iCloud calendars in publicly open ical/ics format (IETF standard RFC 5545). Instead they offer them in webcal/webdav format.
For now i don’t plan to support anything else than ical/ics format.”

So I have to find a different solution to make use of start Calendar based flows.

After a short chat with the developer of the app, there is a solution to get it working for Apple Calendars.

Create a new Calendar and share it or share a current one.
Replace in the of the iCloud Calendar url: webcal:// with https://
Sync the calendar and it works. :slight_smile:

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I have the calendar from my iPhone integrated in Homey.
Now, I need to figure out how to get the entries in local time in stead of UTC…
For an entry starting at 12:00 local time I got a reminder at 13:00…
Both iPhone and Homey know the right time for me. Just the calendar has got it wrong.

I did some tests with my agenda and cannot reproduce it. Are you sure that you did not select in the reminder of the agenda “remind me after 1 hour” ?
By the way who is giving you this reminder, the Apple Calendar, the flow in Homey or the app ICalCalender?

The next reminder was correct, strangely enough.
Maybe I created one during standard time , and the other during summertime?

The first time I got the notification on time by the Apple calendar notification, the delayed notification was by a notification through the Homey app.

For the second one, I got them both by the Apple calendar notification and through the Homey app at the same time.

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The reminder at 14:30 came at 14:30, the one of 18:00 came at 19:00, the one 19:15 came at 19:15…
It’s crazy!

And I was too flabbergasted to think straight, so I wrote in Dutch…

Strange. I don’t experience this problem at all. Can you do some tests and after adding the agenda item, do some syncing to be sure?

As I wrote before: maybe these are non-summertime events.

14:30 is relatively new, probably during summertime, reminding me to drink something.
18:00 is from 18-03-2020. So just before summertime (starting 29-03-2020)
19:15 is from 10-10-2019, so that one is not fitting the summertime assumption or a new(er) event at all.
and so is 12:00 (09-02-2020). So on second thought, it must be something different…

The flow I’m using to test is:

When event starts
Then send a push-message with all event-details (title, location, calendar-name e.t.c.)
Nothing more.

I don’t think this has anything to do with winter or summer time. For me it’s not clear how you trigger or start the flow with an event date or time in the future. As far a I know the app will be triggered on current dates and time stamps.

The action Sync calendars - will download new .ics files to update current events.

And how to do this on a Homey?..

All events I’m having problems with are recurring, daily events.

Can you please share a flow so I can simulate this?

To try if re-creating a reminder helps, I re-created the 12:00 reminder, after I got this one again at 13:00, just like yesterday.

I’ll report back the result.