iCalendar to Voice by Raymond Brink [not supported - use IcalCalendar]

This app is no longer supported - use IcalCalendar https://homey.app/sv-se/app/no.runely.calendar/IcalCalendar/

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I use only use this app to start flows with events in my Google Calender like warming up my car. Maybe the project is abandonded by the devoloper?

Does anybody know if it will work with Homey 2.0?

Same here, starting stopping heating in certain rooms of the house.

Do you miss functionality?

I would Like to have a card that checks if there is currently an appointment going on.

For example:

Flow trigger (e.g. it’s 7:00 in the morning)
Criteria: is there an appointment at this time taking place with name X

X: input field.

I use the calendar to have the alarm disabled for a x hours. Using the calendar to manage what times the alarm is disabled.

Is this app working in V2.0. I need this app to turn on heating.

According to the compatibility list it isn’t

Something for tonight, might be an easy fix…

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It seems Raymond is no longer using Homey and not supporting this app. I was already considering asking him to take over support since I use this app a lot but I’m not sure if this is a good idea since I won’t be upgrading to 2.x, at least not any time soon.

Anyone know what the issue is on 2.x?

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To start with:


It would be great if somebody could fix this or write a new app which can start events on calender events

But that is just if people are trying to install it. I assume someone reported it as not working when the app was already installed on 1.5.x. It would be nice to know what functionality is not working.

I am waiting to upgrade to 2.0 untill the moment all my apps work.
Has anybody upgraded including this app and is it still working?

Ok, so I was away for a little while… :wink:
But I’m back and determined to upgrade the iCal2Voice app to Homey v2!

That said, has anyone upgraded their app yet? And as @Phuturist already asked, it would be great to get some feedback on what’s not working sofar. Anyone?

PS: My Homey is still on v1.x, but I’ll upgrade it if needed.


Welcome back! :smile: @Brinkie
It’s a moment 22. I’m dependent of your app and and would not like to loose this functionality by upgrading to v2. I will try to contact someone in the community who already upgraded.

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The problem is that after some changes in the app.json ( to change its compatability) you can’t configure the application on the phone. The app itselfs seems to run / work but because you can’t add any settings it is usesless.

That is what I find after a quick look and install using cli

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You are correct @Jeroen_Somhorst. The incompatibility of the settings page is one of the issues I’m trying to deal with. There is hope though. I’m confident I can get this app back to working conditions. I just need more time…


Does this also mean that of it works before you update it will keep working? Or is this wishful thinking?

Homey v2 required some major changes to the code, so I’m not sure the new app version will actually run on v1.5.

UPDATE: Most of the app is back in working order on v2. At least all flow cards work.

Still under development:

  1. Settings page not working;
  2. Speech triggers not working;

Thanks for your work Brinkie.
If you have it working again I will buy you a nice Belgian beer.

I’ll wait on the working version.