Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List

Yes it works

Skickat från min Mobil

Just to add. Some flows need to redo like 2 way switch for MCO.

Does somebody know if the Candy app will be updated to SDK2?

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It will not be, Athom have stated that some of the permissions used by candy will not be made available in v2.

They have how ever also stated that ‘system flow cards’ are coming :soon:

Thanks for the answer

ICalendar to Voice is back in working order on v2. Code is still a work in progress, but most functionality is ported. See the thread and GitHub for details.


Added to opening post.

I would like to know re Lightwave too.

So far I have the following blockers to me upgrading:
Lightwave RF (Light Switches)
Hive (Thermostat)
Blink (cameras)
Wake on Lan
Plex Notify

Xiaomi Mi Home - confirmed working
TKB Home - confirmed working
If anyone has any info on those would love to know

This is working fine.

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Thanks for confirmation - wasn’t in the list on #1 and couldn’t see it mentioned

simply by looking at https://apps.athom.com/app/com.tkbhome this also works, beware not to insult @Caseda : one of his apps not being ready for 2.0 :slight_smile:
Hive is an Athom-app

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Thanks for confirming - i only saw mention of it not installing on v2, wasn’t sure if it worked once installed as no mention here or in thread :slight_smile:
So that’s two off the list!

So, having looked over things, while not preferred, I can use IFTTT with Hive and Blink, and my TP-Link isn’t really used with Homey, so think the only things blocking me now are

Wake on Lan

So, pretty much boiling down to two questions now:
1) Has tested Lightwave on v2?
It would be nice to get a yes or no confirmation one way or another
2) Is there any way in V2 to do Wake on Lan without the Wake on Lan app?

Many thanks

It does not work. I can’t even install it as it tells me it’s not compatible.

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Thank you for the confirmation - i guess I’m sitting tight for now then!

@bvdbos thank you also for sharing the news from Athom - out of interest where did they say that?

Update on Hive from Athom:
"Thank you for reaching out and your question. Due to the really low user count, we have decided to stop the development for the app. "

Well, gee, thanks Athom - given Hive are the biggest smart thermostat in the UK (https://essentialinstall.com/news/smart-home/hive-is-the-uks-most-popular-smart-thermostat-besting-nest/) it doesn’t bode well for UK market support…

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Smart presence is updated to a new version. Can anybody report this version is working on 2.0?

Have it running yes.

Hi, does anyone know if the Slide app is compatible with 2.0 ?
(I’m considering to order one)