Smart Presence app versions


Is there a difference between

  1. the Homey store app for smart presence: and
  2. The Github smart presence repository

The maker seems to be different? There is a 0.5.1 version in github which has the onoff capability for the users that I would need. If these are the same or different, can this be merged to the app store version? Is the developer present at the community forum?

Hi @peltsi5,

I’ve made 0.5.1 version, before that the code has been transferred between devolopers indeed. There all the same AFAIK. The new update can be downloaded and installed by cli from

This version is stable.

The reason the app is not updated in the app store is that it needs a big refactoring to comply with the new app store standards, which im not capable of and the developer is working on other stuff

Hi @matrover

Thanks for the answer. Hopefully this will be implemented to app store at some point…

Hi @matrover

I have the latest Homey official store version of the smart presence app installed. If I install the community store version without removing the official store version, will the version be updated (written over the last version) and no flows have to be rewritten? Or will it break the flows which use the smart presence cards?

Hi @peltsi51, i’ve no experince but i and the developer of the HCS think this will be seamless. please report back if so and if not :wink:

Still version 0.5.1 is not compatible with homey v5.0 or is it?
Thank you.