[APP][CommunityStore] App Version Checker 4.0.1

Quickly see if any updates are available for your apps.

I have created an app that checks the Homey App store for updates to all the apps installed on your Homey.
There is an option to Notify on the Timeline once per day of any updated apps or you can check manually whenever you want. There is also an action flow card for ‘An update is available’.

The app configuration page will show a list of app updates along with buttons to go to the relevant app page in the store so the update can be installed. Updates are detected in both the release and test channels of the Athom store.

You can install this app via the new Homey Community Store: Homey Community Space


Hey Adrian,

is there a possibility to check the Community and the official App Store for new Apps?
That would be a really nice feature.


It’s doing that, isn’t it.

Yup it is. And the update checker checks both too. It does give me an error

I think he doesn’t mean updates of apps, but new apps in the store.

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I might be able to arrange something with @MaxvandeLaar for the HCS. The only way I can think of doing that with the official store is to keep a record of all the apps at a particular time and then compare with the current offerings. But I think that would take a lot of memory and processing time, so I don’t think it would be practical. The official store has a lot of apps.

Right @TheFops. @Martijn_Hoogenbosch I mean NEW Apps not if there are new updates available.

I’m not sure, but in the past there was a way to notify yourself that there was a new app using a flow. I think that was a built in feature.

Adrian, of course it depends on you if you are willing to do the work.
First I could make an official “feature request” to Athom (via thread!?). :thinking:

If Athom had an efficient way to get the information then I would be happy to add it.

Hi @Adrian_Rockall, now there is a solution to get notified if a new app has been released in the official app store:

Because Athom released also a Twitter app two days ago, I guess it’s also possible to get notified by Homey.

Hmm, interesting. I will have to investigate that.

Hi @Adrian_Rockall,
it’s not possible to get notified by Athoms Twitter App if a new app has been released in the official app store. Just for info.

But I have a “problem” with the App Version Checker app.
In the official app store a test version v2.1.8 of the INNR Lighting Devices app was published about two weeks ago. But the checker app doesn’t detect this app.
It’s not a really problem for me, I just wanted to inform you.

Ok, what version do you have installed?
I will install it later and check what is going wrong.

v.2.1.6 Experimentell

Since 2 days a new test version v2.1.9 of the INNR app is available.
But still the same, no info about a new version in the VC app.

Ah, sorry, I completely forgot to check this out. I will get on to it straight away.

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Update in the store.

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Thx Adrian, bug fixed! :+1:t3:

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Hey Adrian, hope you’re doing well. Just a longshot (or brain fart), is it possible to get notifications of new (rc) firmware updates?
I know it’s published on Homey Slack / firmware.athom.com, but how neat would it be if Homey itself notifies me? :sunglasses:

I will investigate if I can find the information that is accessible to the app.

Is it worth the effort?