How to you know if there is an app update when update automatically is ticked off

I noticed when there is an app update it is not visible in the Homey app.
Since I don’t like surprises when I get home from work I have disabled automatic updates for all apps.
The downside is that there is no clue that new updates are available in Homey for an app.

The only way I found was by actually opening each one by one to see if there is an update.

By applying the following sequence (per app)

  1. more…
  2. Apps
  3. The app
  4. The cog wheel (top right corner)

Here you can finally see if there is an update for your specific app.

I find this quite cumbersome. Is there an other way to visualize the updates?

download newHomeyApps from:

and install through the CLI :wink:

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Installed this yesterday, works like a charm!

Bas, I saw your response too late. I had already created a node-red flow to handle this. :clown_face:
Using the rest api https://<HOMEY_IP>/api/manager/apps/app, parsed the apps for app updates. Then send the list to Homey using MQTT.

Thanks anyways!