Automatic app updates automatically re-enabled?

I have automatic app updates disabled for every app I have on my Homey Pro 2023 (firmware 10.0.3).
But still, once in a while an app gets automatically updated and when I check, the switch for automatic update is on again.

Are there more users experiencing the same?

(Sorry, my Homey app is in Dutch)

Hi Henk,

I’m on Homey 2019 v8.1.6 but,
I haven’t experienced this phenomenon yet.
I’ve checked all my app update-settings, and they are still the way I left it.

If you like, you can import and use this flow to check on these statusses automatically (other things you don’t need in this flow, can be disabled ofcourse):

Output voorbeeld:

Have you installed another app version (stable->test)? Perhaps that’s like installing a new app and auto updates are enabled as default.

Thanks @Peter_Kawa, might try that to monitor.
And yes, @RonnyW, I do manual updates once in a while, but that shouldn’t re-enable such a setting.

Have reported it to Athom, curious about their answer. Will keep you posted here.

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I have the same thing, I have already emailed Athom and received that they will look into it.

I find it quite annoying as well, maybe you can send an email aswell?

Any news from Athom about the auto-update function being enabled by Homey?

No, I asked them (again) about a week ago, but they replied that they were aware of it and still working on it. Perhaps not such an easy fix as we might think… :wink:
But indeed very anoying as I have disabled all automatic updates by default as well.
Perhaps @Doekse can give an update?

Just a heads-up; I’m the partnerships guy, so not completely up-to-speed on every current issue. Just quickly checked with support and it is a known issue that’s currently under investigation :wink:


Thanks for the quick reply @doekse. And for clearifying your position.
Too bad, this issue drags for a long time now… :frowning:
Hope Athom will find a solution soon. Great help, thx!

In the meantime you can run the Homey script I shared in this thread, say 4x per hour.
Then you’ll know soon enough if an app got the auto update enabled again.

Thx @Peter_Kawa, I know. :slight_smile:

After I check for updates with the App Version Checker:
and updated those available, I disable auto-update for the apps I actually updated (manually).
Then I check if I missed some with the old Homey Community Store app:

Too bad that toggling the auto-update slider to disable doesn’t work anymore.

Perhaps a nice one to integrate in the new Homey Community Space app again, @Adrian_Rockall?

Perhaps it would be even better if we had a Homey app that integrated all those:
Install Community (Space) apps, check for updates in the Community Space ànd Athom Store and disable auto-updates!
Like a maintenance app for apps… :slight_smile:

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Yeah that was a nice and convenient tool!

Good news, Henk. This response from support was regarding my firmware questions:

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I have the same problem here.

When you update an app and the option for automatic update is turned off, this goes automatically on.
Is this possible to disable so the automatic update stays off?

No it is not.
Please report this to Athom:

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This has been resolved in v10.3.1-rc.2:
(The update/version works great here and does indeed solve the problem)

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