Homey update tonight 8.1.1


I have a flow that was supposed to start at 01.00 tonight and run till 05.00 in the morning.
Time 05.01.29, the message that “Homey has been updated to software version 8.1.1” arrived.

My flow did not stop at 05.00 and kept on running and that is the problem.

How can I prevent software updates of Homey or the apps themselves from distubing the flows?

Disable automatic updates.

Also, it sounds like you have a single flow with a 4-hour delay in it, is that correct? If so, you should consider splitting it up into two flows where one starts at 01:00 enables the action it should perform and the other one starts at 05:00 and disables it.

Thank you!

I have deactived that now. I can see that Athom doesn’t approve this because you can be vulnerable when not getting the last update.

Should be possible to instead get a notification that there is an update available.

The advanced flow is starting like this. The first one turns the device on. The second one turns it off.
It didn’t turn itself off, but kept on going last night.

So here, the coincidence that both the flow should stop and an update was rolled out the same time, probably Homey went offline before 05.00, the flow didn’t catch this because the time stamp was already passed.

I would like to start log in the timeline if Homey restarts by any reaso and when it does.
Also, in this case, maybe I should add an extra off command 10 minutes later to make sure it turns off?

If that were the case, you would expect mentions of security fixes in the firmware change log, but there aren’t any. So I think it’s fairly safe to not immediately install them.

It’s pretty bad that it would just skip an automation because Homey happened to be running an update at the scheduled time. Seems like a bug to me.

I think it’s safe also so I turned the auto updates off.

I will report this to Athom and see if that’s true.
The automation has worked fine every day so it’s probably a bug.

As far as I know you get a notification when a firmware update is available. However, this can take up to several days after the release.
The update was also already released on 19.12., but the update was installed this morning.
So leave the automatic update disabled, as you have already done. You should also disable the automatic updates for the apps.
Even though it may not be the case, only carry out updates if you can take direct action.

I’m not a developer and have not that much experience like you, Robert, but is it really a bug?
It sounds logical to me that the trigger was not fired at 5:00. If the 5:00 o’clock trigger should be triggered e.g. at 5:10 o’clock, so after the firmware update, this can also lead to malfunctions or a misbehavior.

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My guess is that just skipping a flow is a much larger potential cause for issues than running it a few minutes later.

Ideally, Homey should update itself when it knows that there aren’t any flows planned for the immediate future, or it should be explained to users that Homey updates always run at a particular time (if they do) so they can plan around them.

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