Automatic updates vs controlled updating

Last week has been busy in updates. Last night Homey got update to 4.10, and 4 days ago there was update to 4.0.1. It seems that every time there is update, two things happen:

  1. Right after update, at 4 am, my smoke alarm flow gets triggered, meaning Homey will start yelling fire alarm with max volume. Flow is triggered when device ”smoke alarm turned on” . Now i`m wondering if i misunderstood that devices card. I thought that condition is triggered only when the Fibaro detects smoke.

  2. Zigbee mesh seems to reinitialize, and outcome is that 2-3 bulbs get lost from the network. 4 days ago, one of lost bulbs (Philips) was right in the center of network, surrounded by plugs. After last night, one Osram and Philips GU10 got lost, the latter one having a working Gu10 10 cm away from failing one.

I have been told that if the smoke alarm one more time wakes the house at 4 am, the ball (Homey) will be silenced for good. Therefore, and also because of resetting work of zigbee bulbs, i`m leaning towards disabling automatic updates. This way i could do the updates in controlled way, when i have the time to fix likely missing bulbs also.

Are you having automatic updates on?
If running the check for updates, can i install them immediately? ( if it would in that case run them at nighttime, Homey is again closer to hammer :joy: )

Just turn it off, and instal it manual. So you can do it when you in control, doesnt really matter if there is a update for installing it a seconds you can also wait a week or whatever. its up to you

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Not every update is an upgrade! :wink:


Ok, that solves the immediate threat with nightly updates. Situation with smoke alert does occur also with power blackouts or with manual Homey restarts. Found a way to avoid alert on startup with another flow - when homey starts, turn off the alert flow… and enable it after 120 seconds. Maybe i`ll file a bug somewhere…

And then maybe they do something with it…