[APP][CommunityStore] App Version Checker 4.0.1

Well, this message is often very late. Most of the time I already know before HOmey does.

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It’s soon enough for me, plus I usually wait for a couple of days to install it, see how it’s received first. But that’s obviously a personal thing.

@Adrian_Rockall , doesn’t the app use a little too much memory? Or is it ok?

my chart is completely different, what do you do with yours? Mine checks at 9am every day and reports on it, other than that it doesn’t do anything.

Now and then I run a manual check… :wink:

But that’s not the point, in your case 28 MB seems to be also quite a lot.
The only app that needs (significantly) more memory is “Archive Insights”. But it is “activated” every hour as well.
Most of my other apps need only 5 - 20 MB.

The app will peak when it checks for new versions as it fetches a lot of information from the Athom store so it can extract the version numbers.
The more apps you have installed the higher the peak. However, all the memory is freed by the app immediately after the check but the JS engine might take some time to garbage collect if the system has free memory.

I have mine set to check at 5:30pm.

In the last 14 days the minimum memory usage was 24 MB, I think that is relatively much. Especially compared to the other apps. But I can be wrong, I am not a developer.

How can i update the app itself?
I’m currently running 1.0.2 and did the setting show on timeline, got the blue ''V" but no notification on my timeline

Could you try restarting the Homey Community Store app. That should be updating HCS apps when new versions are available.

Hi @Adrian_Rockall, I have to come back with the memory problem.

This is a chart from the last 24 h:

Last 7 days:

The peaks are at the time of the check, but only ever every 2nd day.

Last 14 days:

Is there anything you can optimize? After the query it takes a very long time for the memory to return to normal. But even then about 34 MB are used.

App version v1.0.3
Homey FW 7.4.1 (Update: 10.05.22, but before that the rc versions were already installed)

I will have another look a soon as I can.

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Read the tread and had a look on my install and i think i have to agree with @DirkG

Took a snapshot over this month and it looks like there is some type of memory leak in the app. Sins it is growing as a minimum use over time.

Will ghis app be updated to SDKv3 too, @Adrian_Rockall?
I find it one of the most usefull utility/maintenance apps on Homey… :slight_smile:


Your wish is my command :slight_smile:
Update is in the store now.


Hey Adrian … Created a issue for you on Github.

I am getting a Error popup when pushing ‘Check for Updates’ with the new version. However it just say Error and a OK button. If i push the OK button the avaliable updates from the Athom store comes up … if it have any updates or fails checking against the community store i dont know sins all my apps from the community store it up to date.

Thx for updating it to SDK3 :slight_smile: very useful app you have made so i agree with Henk :wink:

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When I was testing it, I occasionally got an internal server error returned, but the error was returned in the reply so was not showing in the user message. I meant to fix that but then it started working so forgot.
I will hav a chat with @MaxvandeLaar, but I have a feeling the issue is intermittently coming from the server.

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Thank you very much, @Adrian_Rockall!
Much appreciated!

I get an error too, when manually checking. When I press OK, it returns that there are no updates from any app store. Which must be true, because 1 minute before, the only update was the App Version Checker itself.
Never had an error before, so wouldn’t that be a too big coincidence?

I have published an update that should report any HCS errors, plus it should now cope with the failure and continue to check for Athom store updates.
It also shows progress during manual checking.


Installed 3.0.1

No errors so far. :slight_smile: nice Adrian thx!

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Running smoothly again here, incl the progress indication.
Thanks @Adrian_Rockall

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