[App][Pro] SmartThings


Current app version: 1.0.0 (development)

Control the devices in your SmartThings app with Homey!


I’m working on an App for controlling my SmartThings devices through Homey. I’m starting this topic here to check about traction and other use cases the community may have.

So far I have managed to make the app communicate properly with the SmartThings API and poll it every 6 seconds for new statuses in all devices. Also managed to control all of my devices that are connected to smartthings (App and Hub), like:

  • Samsung TV
  • Samsung Smart Display,
  • Samsung Washing Machine
  • SmartThings sockets (with power consumption)
  • Danalock v3 Z-Wave!! Homey has many connectivity issues with my Danalock v3 Z-Wave and SmartThings Hub can connect and actuate it from very far away without issues.
  • Fibaro Smoke Detector (Z-Wave)
  • My phone as a zone presence sensor. SmartThings uses the device as a presence sensor.

In order to install the devices you will need to add your personal access token that can be generated on SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. . To make it simple I avoided having a settings page, so in the future it can be used in Homey Cloud.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about the development or funding me to develop it, please comment, like and bookmark this post! I will keep everything posted here!

Some screenshots:

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Just FYI, there’s a Smartthings app already, but it’s available from the community store.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve checked it and the way it’s done is a little bit different. I will have a look to inspire myself.

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YW. I don’t know the background why his SThings app is not in the Athom app store, b/c the developer has 12 of his other apps in there.

I’m trying now to generalize and not stick with any device class like washing machine or door locks. I’m also working on translating every production capability from ST to Homey so any device implementing them will work. Of course proposed and vendor specific capabilities will be added as long as we can have the capability json schema.