Smartthings 2 app

I know Dominic Vonk is working on a new Homey community store but ever since I have my Homey 2023 I miss the Smartthings 2 app from the former HCS.
With that app I could add my Samsung soundbar from Smartthings. I used it that way because with the Samsung Wireless Audio multiroom my soundbar goes on/off all the time so that is not an option. With the regular Smartthings app I can’t add my soundbar.

Is this Smartthings 2 app somewhere on Github (could not find it) and addable with CLI ?
If not than I just have to wait until Dominic Vonk has the store up and running.


search for Smartthings 2

That is a really helpful reaction.

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Thank you. :+1:

I needed to do some things to get it working but I have got it installed now and my soundbar is working again.

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Possible to add snapshot when motion is detected on doorbel?