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Since a week the smartthings2 app stopped communicating with my TV. It gives an https error. I removed the tv and installed it again, but no difference. Any idea?

I don’t want to hijack this topic as it’s for a different SmartThings app so I will pm you.

Are there any plans supporting Samsung Vacuum Clearner Jet Bot?

So far. I didn’t reach this point. Only possible thing is a manual install through Homey CLI

Please comment on the right app thread.

I don’t follow you, sorry. What’s wrong?

My bad. I should reply to the comment. I will put the reference in the main post so people are aware.

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Any release date ?

Are there any plans supporting Samsung oven ?

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Any chance your app would support smarttag2? I want to use it basically as an ibeacon (has own ibeacon UIID) or generally as a presence sensor. I tried the HCS version from Adrian but so far the app only recognized pressing of the button, so I search for alternatives.

Thanks and BR

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I would also like this feature

For me also support for the samsung oven would be really cool!