iCalendar to Voice by Raymond Brink [not supported - use IcalCalendar]

It would be great if you could publish the current version on Github, perhaps in a different branch. I just updated but it seems my settings are lost and I can not re-add them. I can probably fix the settings page myself pretty quickly.

Looking forward to use this app :slight_smile:

@Phuturist (and others): I just pushed a new develop-branch to GitHub. It contains a (mostly) working v2 compliant version of the iCal2Voice app.

Even the settings page works now (kind of). Please note this is still a work in progress!



Do you know if the issue with the recurring meetings is also fixed? For some reason in the old app sometimes recurrinf meetings from ages ago popped up in the speech.

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I still have an issue with iCalendar to Voice on firmware 2.x (the ‘all my appointments today’ action card is not working) and I also wanted some more flexibility when using different calendars. So I decided to finish my own iCalendar app for Homey v2.x which I had started already before Brinkie came online again and told us he was gonna fix the iCalendar to Voice app.

I’m not sure yet if I will be publishing this in the app store. Perhaps @Brinkie is interested in integrating the better multiple calendar support in his app. But is there somebody out there willing to test this?


I’ll install it and see if it works as i would expect

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Sorry, this is still a known issue. I already know how to reproduce it, so I’ll see if I can find some time to fix it soon.

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I just pushed new updates to Github. This includes an updated and fully functional settings screen, as well as a fix for the recurring events.

If testing this version is successfull, I intend to publish it to the appstore soon.


Great hopefully bugfree now

Beta v1.0.0 published to the appstore (approval pending).

  • Fixed issue where app falsely reports recurring events.
  • Added support for larger recurrence intervals.
  • Added support for specific number of recurrences.

Beta v1.0.0 is now available in the appstore!

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Great!!! Works fine :sunny:

A trigger for end of a appointment would be great. Is that possible?

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Found a bug: When setting the trigger to 0 Minutes before next appointment it doesn’t work. It neet to be more then 0.

Another thing I figured out is, when an appointment led already to a trigger and you postpone this appointment the app will not react again.
Don’t know whether this is a feature or bug.

This is a feature. The app ignores any triggers/notifications set for events. It only uses the start time of events combined with the trigger interval set in the app’s settings screen.

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This flow does not trigger the app to say anything (although I have appointments today and tomorrow).

I’ll look into this. Thanks for reporting!

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Are the settings working again? I cant find them in the menu?
I’m running the latest homey version and the Beta Icalender to voice.

Edit: Sorry my app was still on version v0.90 - Now it is running on v1.0 and settings page is visible again.