[APP][Pro] Action Scheduler

New update (Live: 1.5.2)

Changes in test

  • ADD: New device - ‘Scheduler’: Adds scheduling for given time and repeat on selected weekdays
  • ADD: Action flow cards for the new Scheduler devices
  • ADD: Condition flow card
  • ADD: Next scheduled event text capability
  • FIX: Read me update
  • FIX: App rename to Action Scheduler
  • FIX: Scheduler job not enabled upon adding new device
  • FIX: Check user input for valid time format
  • FIX: Check user input for valid timezone

Please note that this is now out for testing and not meant for production like use.

Some side effect may exist and any notes on those are greatly appreciated.

When adding a Scheduler device, it asks for a name, time in 24h HH:mm format and the days for repeating. Timezone is detected from your browser and may be changed.
If all days are unchecked, the scheduled time will trigger only once. This may change in a future version.

Device can be turned on / off to enable / disable the scheduler.

One bonus from using cron-library for this, time string can have certain crontab like wild cards:

  • HH = * – repeat every hour
  • HH = 8-12 – repeat on the hours of 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • mm = * – repeat every minute
  • mm = */5 – repeat every five minutes

Does not support schedule for dates or months (for now).

All parameters can be adjust from the device’s Advanced Settings page.

Flow cards are now similar to those of the application level cards.

  • Application level flow cards still act on Homey Alarms
  • Device flow cards act locally on the Scheduler devices
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Cool, now this app can continue for the alarms and with its Scheduler device which will some day get more capabilities.


Hi Tapio,
Thanks for all your work.
I was trying to use the mm=*/5 for every 5 minutes, but

Ah, need to clarify the hint, so the sample usage would be:

HH:mm where

  • HH can be 0-23 or * for every hour or */n for every nth hour
  • mm can be 0-59 or * for every minute or */n for every nth minute

For example

  • 12:30 exact time
  • *:30 every hour’s 30th minute
  • 5:*/5 on the 5th hour every 5 minutes
  • :/15 every 15 minutes

The syntax is similar to crontab style which used by the library I used.

Updated this to the first post now also.

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Got it now, thanks! :heart:

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New update (Live: 1.7.0 )

Changes include

  • ADD: Scheduler device conditions: Is next run today
  • ADD: Scheduler device conditions: Is next run tomorrow
  • ADD: Scheduler device conditions: Is next run this week
  • ADD: Scheduler device conditions: Is next run next week
  • FIX: Homey-api to 1.10.18

New update (Live: 1.8.0 )

Changes include

  • BREAK: Deprecating Homey Alarms flow cards - use the included Scheduler device instead.

This update deprecates the support for managing Homey Alarms and Scheduler device in this app is now the preferred way. Eventually this change will remove the requirement for this app to manage everything on your Homey device.

Great app, thank you! A great solution to input/schedule a time by a Homey app user.

I especially enjoy the timezone setting with a legacy device that works on US time only.

I have added a request in Github to show the time in the status indicator of the device just like in Advanced Virtual Device capabilities.

One thought: if would be nice if there would be a way to create new schedules without creating a new device for each as my folder fills up. Perhaps an idea to join forces with @Arie_J_Godschalk to see if there is some synergy with AVD?

Thanks so much!

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Sure, altho, im not sure what you mean by that.
How would AVDs prevent that?

And, am i understanding it correctly that this app is not controlling Homey Alarms anymore?
Doesn’t that mean you cannot set the time from Homey Mobile anymore?
Or did you find a workaround for that?

I use this app (Action Scheduler) to trigger a flow at a certain time and it works great. I’m not using Homey Alarms.

I tried to follow the posts on Homey Alarms above and got confused. From this post it seems to me its better not to work with Homey Alarms for now.

I meant that AVDs can group so much functionality that it saves me lots of variables and devices when I incorporate them in an AVD. It makes developing smart home features easy with less devices.

When I realized the power of Action Scheduler after your tip in the other thread, I saw there might be synergies.

AVD allows to have a time displayed in the status indicator, which is what Action Scheduler could do as well. When thinking bigger, I see any Homey app that creates a device could “use AVD” to create that device (and one AVD for multiple schedules), so the developer does not have to re-invent the wheel and we get all the features right away.

It saves everybody time (and less devices that clutter the Homey app).

I leave that for you to decide, but it is a pleasure to see so many powerful apps and I am learning everyday. Just a bit worried about the amount of it all.

Hi Tapio

Will you consider a trigger like we had with Homey Alarms?
Like this one:

I see you have it in the AND, but will you consider this in the WHEN?

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Sounds like something to implement. Could open an feature request in Github for this.

Wow, quite advanced use case. I would prefer to keep this one simple to use. There is then the “Advanced Scheduler” with a different approach where you configure the schedules in the app settings and can have quite complex rules for the schedules.

I will see if it is simple to add the status text for next scheduled time.

New update (Live: 1.8.0 / Test: 1.9.3)

Changes in test include

  • ADD: Scheduler device trigger: Scheduled time is in N minutes. @Rrrr
  • ADD: Date and Time values as sensors for next scheduled trigger. @Rrrr
  • FIX: Updating for runOnce devices capability value after run.
  • ADD: Insights/History for is_enabled capability @Rrrr

As for now, there are those values as sensors, however since they are text values, those can not be shown as a status indicator. Only boolean or number values can be shown:

What has been done with AVDs, is tricking the system that there is a number value, for example ‘0’ and the text is place in the units for that value. I don’t want to make such design changes to this app.

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Working as advertised, thank you!

I understand you cannot support this. But what have you added? I cannot set icon Status Indicator even if a number.

Update: Found them! That is really cool: In the sensor view I can see the scheduled date and time in local time, translated from the timezone time in the device settings.


An update by @Emile I saw in AVD-thread:

It may be possible in future once Homey allows text string capabilities as status indicators.

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@OH2TH Hey Tapio,

  1. When I toggle a device, should it trigger When schedule is updated?
    At the moment it does not. It would also be great if you can enable the device insights/history.
  2. I disabled a device, but it seems to come on again by itself. Is that because it has a daily schedule?

Updated trigger from settings or timing changes from flow card.

It should stay disabled when you toggle it off.

I can not reproduce this issue. When I toggle a scheduler device OFF, it stays off. And I have a repeating schedule on it.

Which version you are using?

What sort of history would you like? Currently there is no number capabilities that measure something and would bring insight data.

Currently i cannot track what happens so anything would be nice…

  1. When updated
  2. When enabled/toggled
  3. When triggered