[APP][Pro] Action Scheduler

Ok, those are not something for insights, as they would be something measurable. Will need to investigate how to add those event to the history screen of device. I assume you are talking about this screen:

The Enable/Disable toggle is doable, so that you get the history. However updated and triggered are not on/off capabilities that would have insights to enable.

Not sure how to insert custom events to the history log of a device. @Arie_J_Godschalk or @martijnpoppen, have you done something like this anywhere, do you know if it possible?

Im am not fully aware of what you want: but one thing you could do, just to give an idea: add another OnOff capability, give it an as InsightsDecriptions “Updated yes/no” or something.
When you switch those capability value around, you will get insights lines on the last devide screen.

But, for better assistance, i would need a better idea of what you would want to accomplish.

Edit, ill give you an example in a moment Tapio.

Here, just to give an idea how it could be handled if you want to show the user a time based “event”:
I have createn an AVD as example:


Here is a device with a normal OnOff.

Then add another OnOff/Button capability, and set the InsightsTitelTrue and InsightsTitleFalse to the same value, like, updated.

Now, the second Insights capability can be a sensor value or even hidden (no UI-tab) (not in my example tho).
Every time you want Updated to be reflected to the user, toggle the value of Updated around one time.


Works perfectly on HP2019, however, it seems that HP2023 doesn’t reflect the insightstitletrue and false. I’ll create a ticket for that.

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Is there any merit in the idea of implementing this device within the AVD framework so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel?

Same holds for virtual thermostat and probably other devices

Well, i have buildin Reflection to show values from other devices (comming soon) and toher apps.
So, it might be possible, but i still need a better view of what you have and want.
Is it a device you are updating and you want those insights?
Not connected to Homey alarms anymore right?

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Thanks @Arie_J_Godschalk, for this. The device enable / disable is already ok since that is a boolean capability and insights enabled with appropriate capabilityOptions to give proper title.

I also noticed that there seems to be an issue even with HP2019, that only the “true” state for custom capabilities is logged to the history timeline.

As for the other device state changes @Rrrr was looking for, could be hidden boolean capabilities and just toggle them to trigger the entry to history timeline.

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As you can see by my example (HP2019) i dont seem that have that issue.

Indeed, that was the idea of my example :wink:



Nothing I say is connected to Homey Alarms. While this app Action Scheduler may have started initially with a relation to Homey Alarms, I believe any further comment about Homey Alarms is confusing and not doing right to what Action Scheduler is and can do. In fact, I would prefer if someone can erase any reference to what Action Scheduler was and did and does not do anymore, or start a new topic, so the focus is on what it can do and it will get more users.

AVD showing values from/changes in other devices is a nice idea. I would save me from creating WHEN OTHER DEVICES CHANGED statements to track their history in one AVD.

I meant something bigger, but I am not sure if it is realistic. My suggestion is to make AVD smarter by allowing the logic of any apps within one virtual AVD device. To say it differently: to allow developers to add more smart logic inside the AVD for different applications. I was thinking it could be easier on the users and on the coders. I will give two examples:

  1. Action Scheduler
    AS is “nothing more” than a virtual device with a time and timezone input and the internal logic to trigger scheduled events. AVD is also a virtual device. When selecting repair for an AVD, why not create a new option to Create an Action Scheduler numberfield/logic with the current Action Scheduler logic inside, maintained by OH2TH.

  2. VThermo
    VThermo (@balmli) is “nothing more” than a virtual device with a thermostat and some logic (based on temperature) to turn on or off another heater/thermostat or use triggers to turn on/off other devices. In addition it has quite a few settings to sync with other devices in a zone above or below. The idea is the same as above: allow within AVD to create fields with Vthermo logic maintained by balmli.

This way there would be more smart logic within an AVD for all kinds of apps and the developers would not have to reinvent the wheel of creating virtual devices etc. Users would have less clutter of virtual devices and a more uniform approach to use new app logic within AVD devices.

I am not sure if this makes any sense, but trust that you will know better.

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Some issues has appeared from app installation on Homey Pro 2023 devices. I’ll keep the “Know Issues” post updated

New update (Live: 2.0.2)

Changes include

  • BREAK: Removed Homey Alarm API access and the need to manage everything on your Homey.
  • FIX: Swap nextDates() function to nextDate() to prevent some unexpected crashes from cron library.
  • FIX: Readme files.

This is a breaking change for anyone still using this app to manage Homey Alarms. The related flow cards and the requirement for Homey API and to manage everything on your Homey are now removed.

So from version 2.0.0 onward, the app is a little cleaner and can now concentrate on the Scheduler device for new features.

This app will only have the Scheduler device with more advanced scheduling rules available.

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New update (Live: 2.0.4)

Changes include

New update (Live: 2.1.0)

Changes include

  • ADD: Extended cron syntax for hours and minutes to support ranges. See first post for samples.
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New update (Live: 2.1.2)

Changes include

New update (Live: 2.2.0 )

Changes include

  • ADD: New condition card - Current date matches/doesn't match cron expression.
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New update (Live: 2.3.2)

Changes include

  • ADD: New Cron Time device with crontab format for setting date/time rule.
  • ADD: Action flow card to set the cron time for Cron Time device from flows.
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I have a Homey Pro 2023 and have recently installed the Action Scheduler app and the Crontime app.
I did this to get some Homey action started at every hour between 22 and 05 every night. Right now I do this by using 8 Date cards “Time is 22:00”, “Time is 23:00” and so on.
I thought that the Action Scheduler card
would do the trick, expecting this to work as a loop in regular programming and trigger whatever card(s) comes after it in my case 8 times. It triggered only once.
As a test, I entered five * with a space between in the card. The card incremented a number variable (start value=0) by 1 and I was hoping to find if this works without waiting for the next morning. The variable gets the value 1, and never more. What am I doing wrong?

That is a condition card. You should setup the Crontab Scheduler device with your rule and then use a trigger card from the device.

Thanks for clarifying. I did as you indicated and I nearly got it to work.
I would need a Getting started guide or preferably a User guide to understand the roles of the two Apps and how og if they cooperate. Does any such thing exist?

I understand the power of the Cron syntax. It reminds me of RegEx, which I used occasionally in my previous life as a programmer. Flexible but unfortunately very challenging unless used weekly.

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Don’t forget to check the tool tips, Steinar.
But it’s at the “then” cards:

Thanks for useful tip Peter. The tool-tips are really great in these apps.
I continued to test the apps, and I am beginning to get the grips of it now.

I still struggle with why there are two different Apps, as they have almost the same flow-cards.