[App][Pro] Advanced Scheduler

An advanced scheduler for weekly and monthly (comming) schedules with fixed time or solar events (sunset, sunrise, dusk, dawn, midday and so on).

Advanced features include:

  • Random schedule event times. Example: trigger at random time between 21:00 and 22:30.
  • Conditional triggering (only trigger schedule event if before or after certain time). Example: trigger at sunrise but only if before 06:00.
  • First of/last of triggering (trigger the first or last of two trigger times). Example: Trigger first of sunrise and 07:00.
  • All the features above can be mixed and combined as desired.

The idea is not having to setup LOTS of flows if you have complex rules of when to do things based on a weekly schedule (with possibly diffrent times at different days of week). Simply setup schedules and add triggers (called schedule items) based on time or solar events. Then setup what should happen at every trigger (by setting tag values), and use flows to execute your actions.

Help pages can be found at: https://fpalsson.github.io/com.fp.advanced-scheduler/

Todo list: https://github.com/fpalsson/com.fp.advanced-scheduler/wiki/Todo-list

Source can be found here: https://github.com/fpalsson/com.fp.advanced-scheduler

Ideas and suggestions can be submitted as issues in github, or as posts in this thread if that is more convenient.

Contributions of any kind will be appreciated.

If someone would like to maintain or improve this app, please let me know. I have limited time to maintain the app at the moment.


Just released, already installed… :wink:

But only in swedish (thank you google translate… :pray:t3:) and it’s not possible to add a new schedule. A restart of the app didn’t solve this issue.

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I have the same problem.

Really sorry for the problems. It seems I released the wrong version. A new one is under review. For the time beeing, would you please try: Advanced Scheduler | Homey

Please check out the test link in the post just above. Hopefully that will solve the problems.

By the way, the app is developed in English, with Swedish added as optional. I don’t understand why it would revert to Swedish if that is not your Homey Mobile App language. Please let me know if there is a change in the test version.

Still nothing happens when I click “ADD NEW SCHEDULE”
English language in Homey.

Hmmmm. I will look into that. Give me an hour or two.

Is the language in the app in Swedish still?

Now there is a new test version fixing the first ever startup problem: Advanced Scheduler | Homey

I did just a little test, only turn on/turn off at specific time, and it works. :+1:t3:

So I would do some more tests.


Thanks a bunch! And sorry for the messy start of this app!

Is the language correct now as well?

Yes, it’s in English.

Nothing happens when push “Lägg till nytt schema”.
Version 0.1.6.

The same problem with me. Nothing happens when you press the button.

Works perfectly for me.

@Tobbe and @Undertaker

I’m really sorry! The problems you are facing has been found. During one of my commits to Github (I think it was 0.1.3) my computer crashed. This means that one of the fixes I recreated later was missing in later builds. This has been corrected in the new test version Advanced Scheduler | Homey

v0.1.7 works now for me.:+1::+1::+1::+1:

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@Undertaker: Wonderful! Thanks for letting me know. And sorry for the initial trouble! Hope it works well for you. More features are comming soon :slight_smile:

Nothing happens when I add a new schedule




This seems to be a never ending story. The bug you are seeing was solved yesterday. But somehow you are still affected. Try going to Raw Settings on the right in the blue top menu. Paste the text below in the text field. Press “Save raw settings”. Restart the settings page.

{"settings":{"schedules":[{"id":1,"name":"New schedule","active":true,"tokens":[],"scheduleitems":[]}]}}

Please let me know if this solves it.

And if that doesn’t work, you can try 0.1.8: Advanced Scheduler | Homey