Any interest in a good weekly (and possibly monthly) scheduler? And request for some help!

I cannot seem to find any good scheduler app for Homey. For example if you want to turn on and off lights or other things. I might be that I don’t have my glasses on when looking, but…

In a scenario where you want different times for different days of week/month you could end up with a massive number of flows, which is cumbersome and might be hard to maintain. Is there already a solution for this? In that case I could stop my work now!

It would be elegant to have an app where you can setup a schedule based on weekdays and times (I’m starting to add solar events such as sunrise with offset, based on the sun event app).

I have implemented a basic but well working solution for the scenario above. The app triggers a flow and tokens are set that can be used to do coditional checks for flow exit or else behaviour.

However as I started using javascript and web development less than a week ago, I face some issues, simply from lack of experience. I have been developing various C# applications for many years, but the transition is not easy. I have identified a number of things I need help with. Is anyone willing to contribute to this? I have a feeling it will be a success! Help needed:

  1. Someone to help create a web ui for setting up and editing the schedules.
  2. Done allready: Someone that can help me move towards TypeScript (I really suffer from not having type checking, I hate it!).
  3. Someone helping with formal review of code. There are likely a number of “stupid” constructions in the current solution I’ve created.
  4. Done allready: Someone to help me structure the code in a way that keeps it simple to maintain. I know what I want and how to do it in .net languages but have no clue how to do it in javascript/typescript. Currently everything is in a large apps.js file with one class (almost).

If someone wants to help I’m glad to put this up on github to collaborate. Please note that pointing me in a good direction based on your experience likely works very. I don’t expect anyone to do “my job”.

EDIT: Now it is availiable at GitHub - fpalsson/com.fp.advanced-scheduler: An advanced scheduler for Athom Homey. For weekly and monthly (comming) schedules with fixed time or solar events (sunset, sunrise, dusk, dawn, midday and so on). The idea is not having to setup LOTS of flows if you have complex rules of when to do things based on a weekly schedule (with possibly diffrent times at different days of week).

AND: Advanced Scheduler App for Homey | Homey

Official community page: [App] Advanced Scheduler

Feel free to reply. Any kinds of replies are appreciated!


I won’t be able to help you due to little spare time, but have a look here GitHub - daneedk/com.uc.heimdall: Heimdall for Homey in the settings folder for a web ui.
You can find examples on how it looks here Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home or just install the app itself :wink:


I’ve been looking at quite some apps, but cannot really find good examples on how to do what I want to accomplish. But I will look into your app as well to see what good stuff can be “ripped off” :slight_smile:

Now I’ve had a few minutes to look at the code. The settings page is most certainly neat. How is it created/designed? Hand written, or by using some neat tool?

It’s hand written, evolved quite a bit over time though. It started out simple but got more and more functionality to reflect the additions of functionality to Heimdall.


I will see what I can reuse. Thanks again for beeing helpful!

Now the project is availiable on

Currently it is more or less a proof of concept, but works with some limitations.

Do anyone want to callaborate?

The link doesnt work on my computer


fpalsson doesn’t have any public repositories yet.

Sorry for not marking it as public. Now it is availiable.

If anyone could help me get Vue.js going, that would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for the description of it here!