[APP][Pro] Sun Events (Update SDK3)

Good day all,

After quite a lot of work (always more than you think) I have updated the SunEvents app from SDK 2 to SDK 3 to make sure it will work after 01.01.2023. I have also restructured it to make it easier to maintain.

You can find here the test release:

Please be sure that you are aware that this app can be buggy and can interrupt your workflows related to SunEvents.

Please submit bugs to Issues · magtimmermans/com.cyclone-software.sunevents · GitHub

Thanks and have a nice day.


Excellent, thanks for your hard work, your app is much more useful than the built in Homey one

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Thank you very much, Marcel! Will install the test version.


Thanks for your ongoing support for this app! Donation is on its way!


Thank you @MarcelT for update to the SDK3, it wasn’t for sure late :wink:
So far testing but it looks like the memory footprint is a little bit higher ~10% - but not significantly and most important, it’s so far stable.


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Thanks for the feedback.


If I install the test app, will this affect the existing flows based on the “old” sun events app? Since about 2 weekd (when wintertime/DST came into effect), sun events triggers (start of night, sundown) do not trigger anymore. Reading the above, the test version could possibly correct this, but if it means having to redo all flows with sun events in them, I rather wait until the regular app is updated.

Current flows stay intact, at least in my case

Do you use an offset other than 0 ?
I had this issue (it only triggered with offset 0 ), but it’s fixed in the test version.

Maybe you know alr, but nonetheless, you can view and check the available events of today via app settings. As you can see, a few of my custom events aren’t available outside the summer season.
You can add a few check flows to compare your flow triggers

Thanks! Changing the offset to 0 did the trick.

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Thanks for your hard work Marcel. Will install the test version.

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YW, but it should work with an offset. Did you try with the test version of the app already?

I just observed that the Time tag is 1 hour behind the actual event. It says 14:10 when it actually triggers at 15.10, I’m on Test
Is this expected?

Works fine at my Homey.
Probably all time related triggers have an hour delay?

Big chance your Homey suffers from the “hour bug”, which can occur after a firmware update.

You can check it at the dateHuman entry @ developer page.

  • Go to …More>Settings>Location and disable “Let Homey find my location”
  • Drag the map so your pointer is pointing to a different timezone
  • Make sure the timezone entry has changed to your timezone again @ the developer page
  • Now just enable “Let Homey find my location”
  • Wait for the pointer to be at your home location again
  • (For best Geofence results, disable “Let Homey find my location” again)

I’m getting this, is it the issue?

I moved to London in the Homey App, it changed to London time, identical for both entries. Moving back to Austria, I’ll have the 1 hour time diff.

dateHuman should show the correct local time.
In Holland we also have 1 hour diff.

well, then it seems that the time tag sends the time stamp but not the local time.

That can be possible, which app version do you run?
How does the event timetable look? Do the times correspond with the real sun events, or are those an hour off as well?

I’m running Test 1.0.2 and the displayed times are more or less accurate

Which trigger do you use? Which event do you use? Do you use an offset? Does this happen for all events? What means “more or less accurate”? 1 minute deviation? 30 minutes deviation? Have you downgraded to the stable version v0.8.4 and checked if the same problem is present?