Two Triggers If this or that happened then do this

I want one of two triggers to start a flow. Like: When alarm is set to armed or when a alarm is set to partial armed then do this -
I have read in a post that, Triggers are one off, ie. When sunsets - When a light is turned on, - When you come home, etc.
So it sound like it’s not possible - Anyone with a work around besides two flows? I’m in the process of cleaning up my flows. There are so many it gets confusing at times.

Just make two of the same flows with the different triggers at the WHEN part. You could add at the THEN part as first action card disable the other flow and enable that flow after e.g a minute


I like the way Athom chose to have just one trigger for a flow. It prevent the flows to become complex.

It just requires a little bit of different thinking:
Not: I want to trigger a flow when this or that happens
But: When this happens I want to trigger a flow, when that happens I want to trigger the flow.

I wrote a post about how I use to structure my flows, maybe it helps (since you are cleaning up your flows anyway…)

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Nice. My german is not that good but i get the idea. Thanks for the heads up. I kinda like the one flow does all idea using variables to change things. but if that’s not homey then this is a good way of doing things.

With a new app, H.O.O.P., you can escape from Homey’s flow restrictions.
Like if-or-or to start with.
If or if or if or if, then
Homey Community Store
Forum, introduction and examples:
H.O.O.P. (Hope) - Flow Director

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This is also a neat app which can start a flow with multiple triggers, but it works with time, time events and sun events.
Whichever comes first, the sun rise or the time is 8:00AM, then do X…

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