Power supply can cause slow Homey Pro 2023

Email from Athom about the power supply of the Homey Pro 2023 which can cause HP23 to be slow (see screenshot below). Unsure if this applies to all batches already sent.

The supplied power adapter doesn’t deliver enough power which can cause HP23’s CPU to underclock at a much lower speed.
In the screenshot are instructions to find out if your HP23 underclocks as well.

Athom will replace the adapter, but in the meantime you can try another power supply. Athom suggests a 15W adapter from Raspberry, but others might do as well.


I don’t have this issue. Maybe only with Ethernet adapter?
I use WIFI and running on 1.4ghz

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Love how open and honest they came forward on this. Props to Athom :slight_smile: .

Although I have to say that mine has not been “underperforming so far". Maybe haven’t stressed it enough…





Yes, I like the way they are handling this as well.
Mine is indeed underclocking atm.
Not every time, I have seen this value on “false” as well. With “videoCoreUndervoltageOccured” on “true”
Not sure if this last value resets after a power cycle.

How can I see this value? Looking at my Insights graph my Homey has been underclocking constantly too.

Read the/your mail

Check, thank you!

You can find videoCoreUnderVoltageCurrently and videoCordeUndervoltageOccured here: Homey Developer Tools

In Insights I can already see the effect of using my Apple 30W USB-C charger (for the time being) with the Homey:

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Could you try it, for science? Mine’s not triggered so rebooting wouldn’t conclude anything.

You (Athom) must be kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: … again???

Btw,when did you receive it please? I got no such mail yet :slight_smile:

The older Homey had the same problem.
Do the learn?

Yes, they do :-)) Just a little bit later - better then nothing if they replace it…

From the mail just received

We know you are eagerly awaiting your Homey Pro! Our plan was to start shipping today, but we have a slight change of plans. Please bear with us through the following information.

Pff, so instead of sending it out today they decided to postpone another three weeks. Getting really tired of this. I have a million adapters at home, just ship me the damned device :pensive:


Unfortunately almost nobody has 5.2V adapters at home.


Will this delay also delay the beginning of April batch?

5.2 volt is not part of the usb c spec right? Only 5 / 9 / 15 / 20V?

I spent yesterday quite significant amount of time of troubleshooting, almost saying myself - “it’s not possible that the new Homey 2023 would be slower than my old Homey 2019 Pro”…so I guess I know now what is the problem, even the developer pages were not working for me, getting timeouts everywhere, I gave up and switched back…

Btw I didn’t get the mail, so it this impacting all the batches sent out so far ? Also would be there opt-out option?

I got it at 17:08 this afternoon

I’d love to, but I haven’t found a power supply yet that delivers enough power…

My Homey’s CPU clock fluctuates a LOT…
Clearly the current connected supply is not sufficiënt. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Would this mean the Apple USB-C charger with 30W isn’t good enough? Wouldn’t it be normal the Homey not to have a constant high clock? It is capable of delivering 5.2V.

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