Battery power backup for Homey Pro 2023

Has anyone tried to place a battery between to power adapter and a Homey Pro 2023 so that it can stay powered for some time in case of power failure? I use the Homey also as an alarm system and in case of an alarm it would be better if the Homey Pro stayed working for some time (sensors are battery powered and my siren has a battery backup build in).

I have mine plugged in the UPS.

Homey 201x uses around 2W, so with a powerbank of 30,000mAh it should run for a while :wink:
Not sure which powerbank can be charged 24/7/365, and permanently supply power at the same time?
I think I would put a smoke sensor above it just in case :face_with_peeking_eye: :upside_down_face:

I have a battery for homey, and the rest of the house😂

Hehehe, that is a tiny bit above my budget :face_with_peeking_eye:
Are you sure that is fire-proof wood I’m looking at? Batteries tend to catch fire sometimes :hugs:

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I over simplified my answer when I said “plugged in the UPS”. I also have a solar system with 5KW batteries :smile: :joy:

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I have been thinking about it i found some cost-effective things but the mainly problem is that all have only 5V output but as know Homey 2023 needs 5.2V and thats the problem

Not sure that would an issue if you have enough current to compensate for the 0.2V difference.

Current cannot compensate for lack in voltage.

HP2023’s were initially shipped with a 5V power supply, which caused undervoltage issues, so Athom had to replace them all with 5.2V power supplies :man_shrugging:t3: (0.2V happens to be the voltage drop of a Schottky diode, so my guess is that there’s either a misplaced diode in the Ethernet adapter or in Homey itself that’s causing this, and it’s probably cheapest to replace power supplies).

It depends, sometimes it can without any issue at all. It might not work with Homey, but in a lot of everyday useage you would never notice.

It might work. Undervoltage of HP2023 results in less core speed, but most of the time it will not be notable.

I’ve looked into doing this too, and my limited research has led me to believing that some Xiaomi power banks will do the trick, particularly model PLM03ZM and Qb826g

Have a UPS in between, works fine. When the power is out, all communication with battery powered devices works. All others are obvious not working

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I think a UPS model like the APC BE400 would be sufficient and easy to install. Don’t forget to put your router and maybe your Fiber Termination Unit on it as well.


This Powerbank can remain connected to the mains 24/7 and had enough reserves to bridge other devices in the event of a power failure:

it’s useless if you don’t have internet connection.
The best way is how @Robb said. You need a small UPS and connect Homey, router + Fiber Termination Unit (ONT, etc)

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Thanks for the advise about using an UPS Robb StefanA and Valentin_Ciopei. Should be the best option.

I guess it’s only useless when one needs internet dependent stuff on their Homey?
Everything which doesn’t need internet keeps on running.
Managing a Pro 2023 without internet should be possible according to Athom marketing, but howto do that is unsure

I don’t speak English natively and missed the hint with the UPS.

If you don’t use a mobile router that has an integrated battery at best, you probably don’t have a better solution than to buy a small UPS.

That’s what I should also Planing for my installation, as I just noticed.