Something not working after a Homey firmware update? HERE'S THE SOLUTION

Pull The Plug (on Homey).

(and if that doesn’t work, and your Homey pre-2023 model is still using the original Athom power supply: replace it!)


I’ve noticed some strange behavior of my Homey pro recently, so I’m about to change the original power supply. Ive read it must be at least 2A. Would it cause any problem if the new supply is 5V, 3,4A and 17W? Or would this be too much for Homey?

No, that’s not a problem at all (assuming that the power supply is a decent one). The 3.4A is its maximum rating, Homey will take as much as it will require (which I guess is about 2.5A max).

I automated my PTP with a Shelly plug connected to Homey :slightly_smiling_face:

The Shelly sets a timer on the device itself, so Homey starts after the timer on the device is set.

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