Homey (Pro) (Early 2016-1019) - wont start

I unplugged the power supply to remove the pro to another place.

But after that it wont start up, no light at all…

I have tried another power supply (5v / 2A) no succes

Any ideas ?

I Can hear the speaker gives i Little bump when i remove the power supply.

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We call that Homey (Pro) (Early 2016-1019) …

Also Try another cable if you can find a USB-A to USB Mini, just ia case…

Try turning Homey upside Down, First ~30 seconds after starting it up.
and eventually Plugging in Upside Down …

Note het signals like: Led-RING, Voice and HomeySetup-xxxxxx Wifi Network for Recovery!

If Recovery starts try a Full Firmware download.

Contact Athom Support hre Support | Homey if you think it is within Warranty

I have tried a new cabel.

There are no light in the LED

I have tried everything. Upside Down,
rotate it,
no power supply for 3 Hours
power supply on in 3 hours.

How Can i recover firmware when i cant Connect to it With app or setup.athom.com


Only is Homey presents a HomeySetup-xxxxx Network (and Homey’s Voice most of the time tells jou to connect …)

Else it looks like it is over.