[APP][Pro] sysInternals - Shows Homey’s System Internals

You are redirected here from a Alert on your Timeline:

  • When you see the Homey Pro is LOW on free Memory < 20% Low on Free Memory
  • A CPU Alarm Occured! Please Check sysInternal Alarms device. For more info read: CPUWarning

CPU Warning

If your Homey Pro (Early 2023) fe detected a videoCoreUndervoltage it slows down the CPU due to a to Low voltage. In this situation the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) briefly starts throttling the CPU speed.

image and image

Maybe you where one of the Early adapter’s (or have one :wink: ) in that case you probably received an email from Athom.

  • The first shipment has received a power adapter which unfortunately makes Homey Pro’s CPU underclock. Read the e-mail here »

Or maybe you just replaced it with your own adapter and didn’t know that your new Homey was so picky about good

Please read here: [Info] USB Power Supplies and cables (for Homey Pro Early 2023)
or here: Power supply can cause slow Homey Pro 2023
or Search the community


  • Get Homey at least 5.0 Volt;
  • Use the (New * to be send) Original Athom Adapter;
  • Use the Original Athom Cable;
  • Check cables for damage;
  • Test without Ethernet Adapter;
  • and maybe Test with another Adapter better/shorter cables; (See Topic above)

If steps above didn’t work:

  • Contact Athom Support (after April 2023 as Athom promised to provide a replacement Adapter)

Low on Free Memory

When you see the Homey Pro is LOW on free Memory < 20%
For more info read: …

Homey need to have at least ~ 10% free memory to function smoothly.
When you ask to much from Homey by installing to manny, to big Homey Apps (the Numbers may vary) homey can’t start new Apps. sysInternals gives a warning when Homey’s Free memory drops below 20% Just know that Homey can’t have much more before fe Extra Apps will refuse to start.

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