CPU alarms and high temp. Is it okay?

My HP23 gets CPU alarms on a semi-regular basis through Sysinternals. When I check the community for it, it seems it might be receiving too low voltage. I have the new adapter -which looks identical to the old one.

My HP23’s CPU hovers around high 60s to low 70s C. Is that normal? Seems high to me.

I hope someone can shed some light on this.

Temps are okay, they are allowed to be between -20 to +85C. Do you use the lan adapter with homey, and do you use the original power cable?

And can you also check the voltage that is printed on the power adapter? The new and the old one are not the same. The 5.2v is the ‘new’/good one.

If it’s happening and you really have new USB adapter with 5.2 V, try to use another USB-C cable, eg. shorter one. Would be useful also to share the sysinternal Alarms screen, when it happens.

Unfortunately it is, our HP23 have passive heat-sink only - CM4 CPU start throttling at 85C - while some chips also don’t like so high temperature, eg. 85C is the limit. If you have LED enabled, you may want to turn them off, it will decrease a temp by aprox. 4C if you believe 70C is too much. But more apps more load you will add, the temperature will grow. But unless you get another CPU overheating alarm, you are fine (kind of)

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It is a 5.2 V adapter.

@Glenn_Seegers - I do use a LAN adapter (Homey’s own) and the original cable.

@Sharkys I rebooted my Homey yesterday, and so far no alarm. I have done this before - and the alarm has always come back. I will share when it does.

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What @Sharkys said, try a shorter cable. I use a official raspberry power supply and a 30cm cable, before that i also had the alarm.

35 c whit no top :grin: before 67 c …

I updated today from my homey 2019 to my new homey pro 2023. On the new homey I get the error Warning “CPU Alarm occured”. On the old Homey I hadn’t problems.

I do use a LAN adapter (Homey’s own) and the original cable.

It looks like this. What could be the problem?

Try a shorter usb c cable that did the trick for me.

I change the original homey 1.5 metre cable with a 1 meter cable. It’s much better but I got the error this morning again (after 12 hours without errors). Should I order a smaller cable with 0.25 cm?

This are my insights about CPU Clock. Is this OK?


Last Hour:

Add device Alarms from Sysinternals, it will provide you more insights.
Do you have the new power adapter on 5.2V ?

Yes, I have the new power adapter 5.2V. With the original USB-C cable from the homey pro I got everytime Sysinternals CPU alarms. Yesterday I changed the cable and the whole night I got no error. This morning I got one error. That’s why I’m thinking to order a smaller USB-C cable with 0.25 cm. Is that a good idea?

Which USB-C cable do you suggest. USB-Version 3 or USB-Version 2 to get maximum performance?

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Have you installed Alarms devices from Sysinternals?

What do you mean? I get an push notification “A CPU Alarm occured” from sysinternals. Do you mean that?

Add new device - choose Sysinternals - Alarms

Now I installed this cpu alarm device. It looks like this:

And now wait for the alarm to occur, because I’m not sure what is the general one about

OK, I will wait for the next alarm and will post the print-screen about the cpu alarm. I also ordered a smaller USB-C cable (Before 1m / now 20cm).

I’m using 0.5m but it’s not about the length, rather then cable quality…but you will use that cable anyway, I think :slight_smile:

Do you have a USB-C cable with USB-Version 3 or USB-Version 2 to get maximum performance? Do you also use the Homey LAN-Adapter?